Credit: Jonathan Assink

Spring is upon us and before you know it summer will be here too.  Right about now people are making summer vacation plans and to-do lists.  Gearing up to embrace the warmth and freedom that only summer can bring.  Now is as great a time as any to put together your summer reading list.  You do make a summer reading list, right?

If you have never created a summer reading list, this will be fun for you. Writing down the books that you would like to read is a great way to stay on task.  If you’re anything like most readers, you are always gathering book suggestions, but it can be difficult to keep track and get to all of them.  But if you make a list for summer, when life just seems a little bit slower, you’ll be surprised at how much reading you’ll be able to do.


Reading fiction is like going on vacation, without going anywhere at all.  A great novel can transport you just about anywhere. You could fall in love with a hunky model or eat your way through Italy, all within 300 pages or so. Of course it won’t always be pleasant places, maybe you’ll end up in a hostage situation or on the heels of a deranged killer. A great novel will hold your attention, from cover to cover.


If non-fiction does it for you, summertime is perfect for learning something new or brushing up on something you already know.  You can polish the real you with a little self-help, discover a hidden past of politicians and celebrities with a biography, or learn how-to do just about anything.

In addition to making your list, I suggest you carry a book with you, everywhere that you go. You can read while getting your car washed or waiting for an appointment, you never know when a reading opportunity will arise. If you’re going on vacation this summer, this reading list will come in handy. 

Ask your friends what they’re reading, peruse the internet, or go to your local bookstore for book ideas. If you have a reader, you’re way ahead of the game!  You can archive your books, so you can read one after the other. This is also a great opportunity for you to check out something from your local library, their existence depends on your support!

Happy Reading