Road Map

      So you have decided to transition from one gender to another. What next? Have you decided how far you are going to go? Do you want hormones? Are you going to get gender reassignment surgery and if so, where can you get the proper services. You need to plan out your transsexual road map, a plan of who, what, where, when and how. A plan that will help guide you through the days to come. Have patience, persistence and proper preparation and you will glide through your transition to become the beautiful butterfly we all know you are!


      The first and most important thing you have to do before you get started is to get your finances in order. Try to get rid of credit cards and pay off any loans. Your going to need money to transition so try to look around to see what you need and what you don’t need. Cut your expenses and divert any money you an towards your transitioning budget. It would also be wise to garner any form of income (within the limits of your morality of course) like residual income or overtime work. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer there are many ways you can get a residual income going.

      Before you start your hormone treatments it is a good idea to exercise to get your body in the best shape you can in order to have the best results from the hormone treatments. Talk to your doctor and work out a training plan to get you into shape so your body is better prepared to handle the hormone treatments and surgeries. Take care of your health, eat well and prepare yourself mentally and physically. There are weight limits for gender reassignment surgery make sure you meet the requirements and If you do not take steps to make that target during your transition.


      Where do you live? How can you get treatments? Is there a transsexual clinic in your area or any support groups? You may have to plan to move to another city and even get the required surgeries in a different country! These things are of course very important and have to be found out. Do some research, ask around at the transgender groups if you can find one. The idea is to find out as much information as you can because as well already know, information is power.


      How much time are you going to give yourself to transition? Two years? Three? You should decide how long you want to give yourself to transition so you can then plan out a time line. The time line would include such things as when you would like to be on hormones, at what point are you going to go full time(live and dress as your desired gender 24/7)? Allowing you to plan ahead when it comes to things like having the money to get the required service like your hormones or gender reassignment surgery


      You're going to need not just one doctor, but likely three. One general practitioner to take care of your everyday needs during your transition. You may already have a doctor you trust in which case your job is that much easier. However you still have to find an endocrinologist (hormone specialist) and a psychiatrist who can recommend you for hormone replacement therapy. You need to know who these doctors are and most importantly how you can get to see them. Until you finish your transition, Doctors are Gods. At least they seem to be seen that way. Try not to fall into that trap, they are there to help your transition in the healthiest way possible. Not to trip you up or deny you the care you so desperately need. It is also a very good idea to remember what people think of you is not your business. Who is saying what has no relevance to your transition. People will say good things and bad things to you, just take them all with a grain of salt.


      What exactly do you expect to get out of transition? What are you going to do to change your body into one that is more congruent with your gender identity? What surgeries are you going to get? It's a good idea to have some idea what you expect out of transitioning, so give it a lot of thought. Remember also that you are a transsexual man/woman regardless of what surgeries you get or how long you have been on hormones. Its your body and decisions about it belong to you and no one else. Very important, find out what kind of money you are going to need for your transition, sadly money turns out as usual to be a critical component.


      Prepare yourself for the results of your transition, the good and the bad. People will react in all kinds of different ways. You have to be strong in order to withstand the negative reactions of people who don’t understand or don’t like transsexual women. Weight the options; what are the pros and cons? Transitioning affects everything and everyone around you! Your friends, family, co-workers, people at the grocery store. Prepare for various reactions from everyone in your life. Some of them will stay, however sadly some of them will go. Your career may change, or your marriage may end.

      You can take all this information and plot a time line or transsexual road map. Make it big or small and hang it on the wall. Don’t leave anything out. Once you have a transsexual road map planned out, you will have some idea how you are doing in your transition and what the next steps are. For example; where can you get gender reassignment surgery? Is there a clinic available for transgender people in your city? Are there any trans friendly doctors in your area? Do you want children? Depending on which way you are transitioning you may want to take steps to ensure that you can have children with any present or future partners. You will also have an idea about what transitioning is going cost so you can start saving the money for the hormones, make-up, hair, clothing etc. So think things through, plan everything ahead and your transition will be a lot easier. Happy Transition!!  Just remember to learn to love and respect yourself for who you are.

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