happy husbandCredit: by Tobyotter (http://www.flickr.com/photos/78428166@N00/7917281874/), Licensed under creative commons

Every marriage is different and different men have different needs. As a good wife, you have the responsibility to determine these needs and make sure that your husband is happy throughout your marriage. Fortunately, there are a few things that work in general, and can be used safely by any woman who wants to keep her husband happy, such as:

Give him freedom

A man will always be a man and he sometimes wants to do things on his own. While a wife is in control of almost everything when it comes to the household, the husband should be given the chance to have the last say, not all of the time, but in times that fall within his forte. This will make him respect you more and at the same time, respect himself, which is important. In addition, let him spend time with his friends and do things that he used to love when he was still single. Giving him his freedom can help keep a happy and healthy relationship.

Pay attention to his feelings and needs

In general, women are more open when it comes to expressing their feelings. However, it is important to note that men are also human beings and they do have feelings as well, though most of them have trouble expressing it. Your husband may not tell you that he’s concerned about his job or has had a bad day, but be sensitive enough to know his feelings – ask him about his day at the office, talk about his troubles or just give him a tight embrace when he gets home.

Understand his work hours

A husband needs to work for the family so let him do his job peacefully. There will be times when he is required to stay at the office beyond work hours so don’t be that wife who keeps on calling or sending text messages just to check his whereabouts. Calling his office once in a while is fine but avoid visiting him frequently no matter how much you miss him.

Avoid being too critical

Don’t be too critical, and remember that very few people respond well to naggng. It could be difficult to keep your mouth shut but it is important to determine when is the right time to pour out your thoughts. Make sure to know which issues require his attention and just let small the things go. For instance, your husband always forgets the toothpaste on the washbasin or he doesn’t wash his dishes after eating. These are just trivial things so avoid making a big deal out of it.

Surprise him or do something romantic

It doesn’t have to be superfluous. Prepare something special for dinner or cook his favorite. To make it extra romantic, add some wine and candles. You can also leave notes for him – in his closet, his laptop or coffee mug. Hug him while he’s busy reading the newspaper or kiss him for no reason at all. Furthermore, it is important to note that men love being appreciated so why not show him that you love and treasure him by giving simple gifts?

Make your home a nice place to live in

These days, a lot of women think that maintaining the house spick and span and cooking for the husband is so old school – that most wives are career women who have jobs to do, children to look after, errands to get done and loads of other things to do. However, keep in mind that your family needs a clean home to live in. No matter how busy you get, it is your responsibility as a wife and a mother to tidy up. Whether you like it or not, this is one of the ways to keep your husband happy.

Respect your husband

No husband wants a wife who humiliates him, especially in front of other people. Generally, men are proud and they are quite touchy when it comes to criticisms so if you think your husband really needs some criticism, do it in a nice and constructive way.

Keep on flirting

Flirting is one of the things that you should still be doing even if you’ve been married to your husband for many years. Send him sweet text messages or call him telling him that you’ll be waiting at home in your sexiest lingerie. Keep him interested and make sure that he won’t leave you for a younger and more beautiful woman. In addition, let everybody know (your friends, his friends) that you are the luckiest to have someone like him as your husband.

Try to learn something about his hobbies

If your husband is into baseball, hiking or fishing, support him. Most wives feel that their husband’s hobbies take out a lot of time away from them and their kids. However, remember that your husband still needs to have his own life. So, instead of getting mad every time he goes out with friends to enjoy his hobbies, why not learn something new and enjoy the activity together?

Last but not the least: accept him for who he is

This applies not only for newlyweds but also for couples who have been married for many years. Never try to change your husband – you are his wife because you love him for what he is. You will eventually discover things about him that you never expected but that’s one of the great things about marriage, discovering each other’s quirks and learning how to deal with them.