Married in Las VegasCredit: Jupiterimages

A lot of couples choose to have a Vegas wedding when it is time to tie the knot. In average 315 couples get married in Las Vegas each day so you can bet the chapels will be busy. There are many ways to celebrate your union in Sin City such as little chapels, hotel chapels, outdoor weddings and even drive through wedding. Since hopefully this will be the only time you get married, you may not want a cheesy Elvis performed ceremonies. If that is the case then here are some of the options that will not seem as cheesy in your photo album.

Red Rock Canyon

One of the best spots for your Vegas wedding is the Red Rock Canyon National Park. The view here is breathtaking. This may not be the Grand Canyon, but the first 2 stages of the Red Rock Canyon make for great backdrops for your pictures. A lot of people are now tying the knot here, so do not leave the reservation for the last-minute. Another great thing about getting married by the canyon is that it is an affordable way to do so as well.

A permit is necessary which is 200 dollars and it needs a payment done in advance, but that is almost always included on your payment to the company that will arrange the wedding. In total you will get a few parking spaces, limo transportation for bride and groom, flower arrangements, photographer, and minister fees for close to a thousand dollars including the permit fee.

Wedding In The Clouds

Another great spot for your Vegas wedding is the chapel at the Stratosphere tower and their “wedding in the clouds packages. If you have ever visited the top of the stratosphere tower, then you know the amazing view that you can get from there. Now imagine having that same view on your special day. This is another popular package so make the reservations in advance. The prices are really good for most budgets. Their “Just the two of us” package is as low as $139 plus minister ($60) and photographer fee if you need one. There are other packages available even one on the thrill rides.

The Bellagio

Everyone knows that the Bellagio is one of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts in Las Vegas, and their packages for couples that want to marry there are just as amazing. A wedding at the Bellagio is not one of the cheap weddings you could get through the city, and you would not want them to be. Everything about their chapels, the atmosphere and the gardens is special. Though this would be a very luxurious wedding you can bet that it will be more affordable than most choices back home. The prices start at $1,500, but the better packages start at $2,000. Other luxury hotels offer similar packages, but the Bellagio is the one that you want to look into first.

Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental is another big name for an amazing Vegas wedding. If you want class on your big day this is as good an option as any. Their wedding packages go from $2,800 to $100,000 for their “Ultimate Luxury Wedding” which includes a wedding reception with 200 guests a bridal suite for three nights, bridal shoes, perfume, consultation Baccarat toasting glasses, a honeymoon package of 7 nights at any of their hotels in the world and even a diamond pendant. Those who do not want the reception can pay for the ceremony and a few extras at the lower $2,800 rate.