Here is a Fun and Easy Idea for Your First Brownie Girl Scout Meeting

Fall is here, and if you are a Girl Scout Leader of second or third grade girls, then it is time for your very first Brownie Girl Scout meeting.

If you are a new leader, then you may want to take some extra time beforehand to make sure that you are comfortable starting the new year. It is a good idea to ask more experienced leaders for some ideas on how a meeting runs and how to organize it for smooth sailing. Your local Service Unit can hook you up with some very helpful people.

If you aren't a new leader, then you are familiar with your girls from either Daisies or last year's Brownie troop, the your very first meeting should run smoothly. 

First Brownie Meeting of the YearCredit: Photo by Hannah Gold

Photo by Hannah Gold

How to Have Your First Brownie Meeting of the Year

The first thing you need to do after saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law is to introduce any new members of your troop. Make them feel welcome, especially if your troop has been together since Daisy Scouts.

After introducing any new members, ask the children how they think Brownies will be different than Daisies. If you have access to an older girl's vest, bring it. My older daughter was a very active Brownie and her vest was full of Fun Patches and Try-It's. It was so cute to hear my troop "ooh and ahh" over the vest. They wanted to fill theirs up too!

I told them what the badges were and how we were going to start earning Try-It's at our next meeting. I then had a sheet of paper and asked them what kinds of things they wanted to try this year. I had my co-leader take a sheet of paper and write down their ideas. This would be a good springboard for us to find Try-Its that interested the girls. At our first meeting, we also asked what kinds of field trips they would like to take and kept track of those. We also talked about our community service projects that we had done in the past and what we could do this year.

After discussing what they wanted to do, I read a story from the Girl Scout Handbook about how Brownies came to be. They thought it was cute.

Then it was time for the craft. I decided not to do a Try-It at our  meeting, as I wanted to introduce my troop to the world of Brownies in a different way.

Brownie Craft

Photo by Hannah Gold

Here are the materials you will need:

9 x 12 felt rectangles in assorted colors or just one color (your choice), one for each girl

Peel and Stick letters

Peel and stick decorations


Hole Punch


Felt Can Be Used for Many Crafts

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Over my seven years as a leader, we used felt for many crafts, including our Bronze Award project.

Before our Brownie meeting, I punched two holes at the top of each felt piece for the string. I also separated the peel and stick letters and spelled "Brownies" for each girl and put them in a separate baggie.

Last, I ran off the Girl Scout Promise and The Girl Scout Law on one sheet of paper. In addition, I ran off a word search of the law for the girls who finished early

At craft time, I had each child choose the color she wanted and place the string through the top. The reason for this is that once items are glued on, you don't want to move it around until it is dry.

Then they cut the law and promise and glued it to the center of the sheet. Then they placed the word "Brownies" on the top and decorated it with star stickers.

After the craft, we had plenty of time for the word search. They worked in teams and had a great time finding the words together.After cleaning up, we ended the meeting with the Brownie song and the Friendship circle.

Your very first Brownie meeting should be a fun introduction into the more mature world of scouting. My troop had a fun time with this craft and cannot wait to do more!

Closing Song for Brownies