Get Ready for Your Very First Daisy Girl Scout Meeting of the year!

The time is fast approaching for your very first Daisy Girl Scout Meeting. Before you let the feeling of panic set in, take a deep breath and get yourself prepared.

Do Your Paperwork and Get the Training

Before you schedule your very first Daisy Girl Scout meeting, you need to have all of your paperwork completed and handed in. Check that you have all of the girls' forms and that you are scheduled for a specific meeting place and time.  If you have not been assigned a meeting place, you may not get together with your girls.  Contact the Service Unit team member in charge of this task and get a print out of your meeting schedule.


Your Very FIrst Girl Scout Daisy Meeting


Image by Hannah Gold 

All of the required new Leader Training workshops need to be taken before you have your first Daisy meeting. There are forms or cards to be initialed when these are completed.  Keep this in your leader binder so you always know where it is. Failure to do these two things will lead to problems if, heaven forbid, a girl becomes injured while under your care. The Girl Scouts of America does have insurance, but only covers incidents if everything is done properly.

Launch Your Troop-A Book to Guide You

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A few years ago, I wrote this book to be a guide at your side, since nothing like it existed. I updated it in late summer of 2017 to include new chapters and more in depth ideas.

Email the Parents

You will want to have parents attending the first troop meeting. This way your co-leader and you can share your goals and expectations with girls and their parents. You can also ask for volunteers, as they will be needed for busy crafts, as well as asking a parent to be the troop treasurer.

Since many parents work or have other children who need to be watched, emailing the parents a few weeks in advance of your first Daisy meeting will help them clear their calendars. Advance notice is always very much appreciated and puts you in their good graces.

The Friendship Squeeze

A fun and traditional way to end your meeting-twisting is an option

First Daisy Meeting

You need to prepare a craft that the girls can do on their own during your very first Daisy meeting. This way you can speak to the parents without too many interruptions.

Here is what I did at my first troop meeting:

I bought a large piece of white poster board. In my favorite Cherry Liney font I typed up "Daisy Troop _____" (our troop number). I glued it in an arc and then glued a large blue circle for the center of the petal.

I cut and pasted a petal shape and printed it onto card stock (you can also do this free hand). I cut out enough for each girl and a few extra (always do that-young girls will make mistakes!).

While the parents and I spoke, each girl used magic markers to write her name and decorate the petal. It was easy to check on the girls, as they were at the next table. 

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When all of the girls were done, each glued her petal around the center. I brought this poster to each of our meetings throughout our first year. It can be converted to a Kaper Chart if you want and you can also add Daisy stickers.

At the end of our very first Daisy Girl Scout meeting, we sang "Make New Friends", did the "Friendship Squeeze" and went home.  I wish I had brought my camera so we had a keepsake for our Girl Scout scrapbook.  Don't forget to bring yours and start documenting your troop's journey!