Men's vintage jewelry has played a major role in the men's fashion industry. And vintage cufflinks are no exception. Cufflinks add a touch of class and sophistication to your outfit.

A versatile accessory that can be matched to a number of outfits, cufflinks are a practical purchase and a very sensible investment.

The fashion industry has seen a recent comeback for cufflinks. Perhaps spurred by the modern trend of neck ties no longer being compulsory office attire in many companies. Many men have found the need to express their flair in other ways - like their cufflinks.

Cufflinks make an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for the corporate man. If you are thinking of buying some cufflinks for a favorite male, pay attention beforehand to the types of cufflinks he currently wears. Knowing whether this man prefers gold or silver is a "must" when it comes to gift buying. And also whether he prefers novelty cufflinks, or classy sophisticated cufflinks would help too.

People collect vintage cufflinks for two reasons. Either to wear or to add to a collection. Both are very good reasons.

Wearing your vintage cufflinks
Vintage cufflinks have a character, way beyond the mass-produced sterile cufflinks of today. They have "been around". They have nicks and scratches. Many vintage cufflinks were hand made by professional jewellers hired by jewelry manufacturing houses. Or they may have been machine made with finishing touches added by hand. Vintage cufflinks always cause interest, and you get to talk about them - where you got them, any history you might know. Even if they are engraved with someone else's initials, you could say they were your Grandfather's, passed down to you. Who needs to know that they are not?

Displaying your vintage cufflinks
Many vintage cufflinks are purchased by collectors, looking for something classy but different to add to their growing numbers, or for something to continue on a current theme. Display cases are fabulous for showing off a collection. I have seen a display case (designed for model trains) used for displaying cufflinks. The display case had many narrow shelves and was fitted with glass doors. Perfect for highlighting a cufflink collection. It just goes to show you can use your imagination to come up with unique ways of displaying your beloved collections.

Favorites in any collection
- chain-link cuff buttons
- snap-link or kum-a-part cufflinks - these also fit into the art deco era
- art deco cufflinks - colored celluloid finishes, or pearl inserts are an art deco feature
- damascene or Japanese damascene
- Mexican silver - often seen with abalone shell inlays
- mesh-wrap cufflinks - special design for French cuffs
- Swank, Hickok, Forstner, Anson, and many more - makers of vintage cufflinks

My favorite piece in my vintage cufflinks collection is an 1887 Wizard Cuff Holder. Legend has it that the Wild West poker boys used to use this gadget to hide an ace up their sleeve. You wouldn't want to get caugh cheating back in those days!

Enjoy wearing your cufflinks. Enjoy your search for more cufflinks. And enjoy displaying your cufflinks.

A vintage cufflinks collection can be a very rewarding hobby or past-time. Be warned though, it can take over your time and your home (but at least they're small).