Unlike Safelink, Assurance and Budget Wireless, Yourtel Wireless offers free cell phone service ONLY in a few states which include: Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington and Rhode Island.

The program is specifically ran by TerraCom Wireless under the Lifeline program. free wireless phone program is vitally important for low income and seniors needing a free or low cost wireless phone. And let's face it, wireless service can be cost prohibitive to working class people or even those needing a little help to get them out of financial troubles. The average cell phone bill, according to most industry experts, is somewhere around $50 dollars a month.

But Yourtel is also very different from the other similiar companies providing these no cost or low cost wireless services (and we'll get into just how different a little later in this article.)

What's even more interesting about this free cellphone company is that it has unique provisions that the other free mobile phone providers don't have and that is a special tribal plan that Oklahoma residents can qualify for which provides for 1000 minutes for just $1 a month.

 Yourtel also has 68, 125 and 250 minutes monthly plans as well. This is unlike any other national free wireless phone program, where generally those programs place you into a standard 250 free minute monthly program.

 You must also pay for text messages at a rate of .03 minutes per message on the 68 and 125 minute plan and 1 minute per text message on the 250 minute plan. What's even better is that your minutes can roll over every month. This roll over option isn't in all free cell phones for low income people programs.

There is even an Oklahoma Unlimited Lifeline Program which allows for unlimited calls for just $6.20 per month. You can even add minutes as you go when needed.

 Of course like all Lifeline programs ran by most providers, you never have to submit to a credit check. Nor will any company, including Yourtel, ask you for a deposit. You also will never have to submit to a contract.

 How Do I qualify for Yourtel Wireless?

 Well you still must be in ONLY ONE of the following programs based on your particular state. They include:

  • Food Stamps

  • Social Security

  • Section 8

  • Medicaid

For low income requirements your income should be below 135% to 150% of the poverty level. This will depend on your state.

Remember that the guidelines for this program is that you must live in ONE of the six states including: Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington and Rhode Island. And if you are of Native American ancestry or you qualify under the tribal provision to be able to get up to 1000 minutes.

Contact Yourtel Wireless for an application and to get more information.

Yourtel Wireless
401 E. Memorial Road
Suite 400
Oklahoma City, OK 73114