There are many reasons for people to consider Sports Performance Training. The three biggest reasons to consider it are: 1) to rehab from an injury and 2) to overcome poor mechanical movements in your body and 3) to reduce the chance of injury by being pro-active in "tightening" up loose joints throughout our body.

Sports Performance Training (SPT) is not just for athletes, however many Olympic athletes can and do work out at some of these facilities. SPT can help with anyone who wants to begin getting all you can from the body we have been given. For many, it's used as an alternative to the boring trip to the gym. For others, it's a high energy way to lose weight while altering the boring treadmill or running experience. Either way, it can be a wonderful experience for anyone willing to take it on.

There are women's groups, police station employees, firemen, warehouse personnel and many other groups who all consider this type of training a significant benefit to them at their jobs, in addition to allowing them to get into much better health. In some cases, human resource departments are even considering this type of training as an employee benefit to be offered to their office personnel that would provide additional health benefits around the office. More fit and healthy employees equates to better attendance and happier workers.

The youth movement has seen the largest gain in the area of Sports Performance Training over the past 5-7 years. National companies like Velocity Sports Performance, HIT (High Intensity Training), CATZ (Competitive Athletic Training Zone) and Athletic Republic, to name a few, are now franchising sports performance training centers across the country. There are also regional organizations offering similar training to there respective parts of the country.

These powerhouse training centers begin to train the body to optimize athletic performance while reducing the potential for an injury by providing comprehensive training programs. These programs will improve the core strength, stamina, balance, increase explosive power movements, enhance agility and speed for any sport that the player is interested in pursuing.

Some of the more common training programs are as follows: individual, team, group, sports medicine, corporate, camps and clinics are just a few. Each of these offers a certain level of challenge and certainly a level of commitment to ultimately become successful. Individual Training allows for a training program to be developed just for you, tailored to your personal needs and to your sport. Each program is adjusted to be appropriate for any age and any skill level athlete. This holds true whether you're someone wanting to get back into shape, a recreational athlete, a pre-teen, in high school, in college or professional athlete.

Training is important for sports performance

Team Training offers one of the most effective, and competitive, ways to train. Why? Because it's in our DNA to compete and when you work out with others you try harder. You will make great strides while soaring to new heights in your personal capabilities. In addition, not only are you improving, but so are your fellow team mates. You won't believe the improvements you'll see during your next season. In addition, you will eliminate a lot of those nagging injuries. Won't that be fun!

Another leading edge method to improve the effectiveness of your rehabilitation from an injury is through Sports Medicine. This type training is advanced and is usually provided by a licensed physical therapist or certified athletic trainers. The rehabilitation methods used help the athlete get back to the full strength in the least amount of time possible. Using state of the art technology is a common practice. Electrostimulation, Ultrasound and other methods are commonly used to allow the athlete to recover quicker while the focused Sports Performance Training will encourage that the injury will be less likely to happen again.

Training credentials at these facilities vary but most of the coaches hold BS Degrees in Kinesiology, and are certified strength and conditioning specialists. The bottom line is that anyone interested in becoming "all they can be" should seriously consider Sports Performance Training. Go check it out!