Do Not Be A Victim Youtobe Site! Asking You To Claim Your Prize!

Be careful!  If you have ever typed in Youtobe instead of YouTube, you might be fooled into thinking that your are on the real Youtube site and they are asking you to fill out a form to win something. Since Youtube is a trusted site, most unsuspecting people might just fill out the information thinking they are actually dealing with Youtube.  The website redirects to but it's so quick you don't really see it.

When you land on the page, you automatically see what looks like the "Youtube" logo, but it says "thank you" instead. Again, if you are not paying attention, you might miss it. 

Here is what the Youtobe logo looks like.

Youtobe LogeCredit:


and this is what the Youtube logo looks like

Youtube logoCredit: Wikipedia


See how it's easy to get fooled into thinking you are actually dealing with Youtube?


It is very difficult to get off this page especially if you started filling out the so called "rewards" and realize you are not dealing with Youtube.  You should "X" out and immediately clear your browser cache. This is site  preys on  people's trust for Youtube and the fact that they would most likely fill out a rewards form if they thought they were dealing with Youtube. Beware!


This is what they say about themselves

" is a place for consumers to get high quality products for FREE! is the best place on the Internet to get free gifts! strives to reward consumers with any gift they want for promoting our sponsors' offers. We have partnered with large online advertisers who offer you top products. These sponsors are looking for new customers like you, and in exchange for trying their products and services, you can get cool, high-end, and totally free products. The sponsors pay us referral fees for helping them acquire customers like you and this money goes towards the cost of your new items. With our extensive product catalog and great offers from our sponsors, we are confident you will be satisfied with your experience! is:

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So how does it all work again? What do I have to do?
It's so simple to get your FREE prize:
1. Choose a prize on
2. Tell us where you want your free gift to be shipped.
3. Complete the required number of sponsored offers.
4. Claim your prize!"


If you actually meant to reach then you've got the right place but if you did not then don't fill out anything and......


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