For many YouTube users like myself, posting videos with the right type of music or soundtrack is one of the most important parts of expressing myself to my friends and viewers all over the world. The type of music partly lets my viewers know the type of person I am and what I like.

I simply want to share a part of my identity with the world and so the right choice of music is a must for me. At times I edited my videos to the music of my favorite bands constantly convincing myself that this music is the only one that suits this particular video. There's only one problem that I must really consider though-copyrighted music or unauthorized use of licensed music.

Most of us heard or know about the copyright 'thingy'. At the back of our heads this law is constantly flashing but our hearts tells us that hopefully YouTube would overlook the copyrighted music in our video. Unless you have rights to the music, getting overlooked will not happen anymore or anytime soon.

What YouTube will do

Believe it or not, if your video with copyrighted music was not discovered during posting time,(YouTube would send an email warning you about the unauthorized use of music in your video) eventually later on YouTube will remove your audio permanently and your video will resemble a 1930's silent movie. There goes part of your identity!

Open up Your Mind to AudioSwap

YouTube has had problems from big music labels regarding copyrighted music if we remember not too long ago and that is why they launched AudioSwap. AudioSwap in simple terms means free music for YouTube users to add to their videos.

I will not get into details on how to use AudioSwap(you can watch the video here: but I can tell you that if you breakaway
from the mindset of "it's my way or the highway", you will discover music and new artists
that are just as good in the genre that you enjoy. Best of all your videos would remain out there for as long as you like, accumulate the number of viewership that you would hope to see and not worry from getting sued over unauthorized use of licensed music.

What's all that complaining about?

When I first started using AudioSwap for my video, I was skeptical about the standard and type of artist that it had in its library. It was until I took some time to listen to the music there and use them in my videos was when I began to realize that AudioSwap really have great music stashed in it's library.

What I noticed for sometime was that many YouTube users are still unaware, outright rejecting or complaining about the AudioSwap selection of artists and music.

Let me give you an analogy: Heard of the countless accounts of new artists with great talent
complain about big record producers not giving them a fair chance on their music? Well here is the chance for people in the streets like us not to act like big record producers and let new or lesser known artists a fair chance to be heard.

AudioSwap is still a new and free feature that is worth trying and will definitely improve once
it is given more attention and given constructive feedback by users.

Check out my video using music from AudioSwap: