We all remember the class clowns from High School. They could just crack you up at any time, either with Robin Williams type riffs on whatever was happening, or with little routines and impressions they did. People were always bringing their friends over and saying "do this one for my friends." If only someone that funny could get paid for their unique talent.

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Natalie Tran made $101,000 last year

Well, believe it or not, now they are getting paid, and some of them are making a lot of money. By
posting skits and routines and video blogs on Youtube.com, obscure class clowns are now attracting
worldwide followings and making money off the Google Adsense ads that are posted on their
video pages.

This is real money, too. According toa recent article on BusinessInsider.com, several people are making over $100,000 by posting comedy skits and short videos online. They are corny, sophomoric and basic comedy sketches or music video satires that have now gone mainstream. Now instead of calling your friends over in the High School hallway to see a comedy schtick, you can direct them to a Youtube channel. Apparently, millions of people are doing just that, and lots of money is being made by the creators. The top earner in the last year was Shane Dawson. Shane has three different Youtube channels that received 431 million visits last year. If only a fraction of them click on an ad, Shane makes big money. In the last 12 months, he collected $315,000 for his Youtube creations. Dane Boedigheimer made $288,000 with his creation, The Annoying Orange, a channel about talking fruit. It's clever, kinda funny, and annoying all at once. $288,000. Mom, dad, guess what? Have you checked the Paypal account lately?

According to Alexa.com, 24 percent of global internet users visit Youtube.com on a daily basis, making it the 3rd most visited site after Google and Facebook. Youtube is owned by Google, so it's a natural match to draw in viewers and post relevant ads for them to click on. So, if your witty blog posts are not attracting these numbers of hits to your blog, maybe its time to get it on video, go viral, and let the money come in. The times, they are a-changin!