On youtube, you can favorite videos. When doing so, any friends of your will be able to see the video you have added to your favorite list. This comes in handy when you need to share different videos with different people. Another helpful thing is that you can subscribe to your favorite users. By doing this, you will be informed when they have uploaded a new video. If you decide to upload a video, you can choose whether or not people can rate or comment on it. Sometimes, if people like your video, or if you like someone elses video, you can pose a video response, instead of the classic typed comment.


When uploading a video to youtube, you can never be sure how long it is going to take before you actually upload it, therefore, sometimes it only takes 30 seconds and other times it takes a couple of hours. Also, people can mark comments as spam. Sometimes people mark comments as spam that are truly not spam comments.

Full Review is a website in which users can upload, rate, favorite, and comment on different videos. It can be used to host contests, post video blogs, or even just goof off and show the world how strange you can be. Many people join youtube to become 'famous' and relevantly, many succeed at doing so. If you develop a large fan base, also known as 'subscribers,' you can try to submit an application to become a youtube partner. By doing so, you will get paid to make videos.
Sometimes youtube videos take a massive amount of time to load through, and other times, almost instantaeniously, the videos are ready for you to veiw. Also, sometimes when you upload, it can take a mere 30 seconds, but other times it can take a couple of hours. The amount of time you wait is not very consistant in between video veiwings and uploads.
Altogether, youtube is a great site that you should check out. It is very entertaining and useful in some situations. You will probably become an obsessed youtube fan once you realize how many talented, or straight out untalented people are out there. The entertainment is limitless.

In Closing

All together I most definitely think you should check out youtube. It is a very well put together site, and is easy to navigate through. The only way for you to know this is to check it out. So, check out youtube today and enjoy their awesome videos, and maybe you'll even upload some of your own!