Chances are, if you are here, you are interested or know about the Yugioh Trading Card game. I know as a dedicated gamer, I love the Yugioh trading card game! This article will inform you of the rules of the game, different card types, some sets, and other information.

I'd like to start by saying how you play the game, in case you don't already know. Each game requires two (or more) players. Each player starts with 8000 life points. Each player must have a "deck", containing at least 40 cards. Each player starts with 5 cards in his/her hand. Players traditionally Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who goes first. At the beginning of each turn, the turn player must draw 1 card from the top of their "deck".  Each player can set only 1 monster per turn, up to a maximum of 5 monsters on the field (notice some monsters require sacrifices. For further information go to the official Konami Website). Also each player can have a maximum of 5 spell/trap cards on the field.

Now I'd like to state some of my favourite sets. Original sets are ones like - Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, Metal Raiders, Spell Ruler, Pharaohs' Servant, Pharaonic Guardian, Legacy of Darkness and Labyrinth of Nightmare. These sets are really fun to open, but generally don't contain any useful cards (except for the Ultra Rares). Newer sets are all of the 5D's, Which can be identified by "5D's" on the booster pack. Different Rarities of cards are - common, uncommon, rare (aka silver), super rare, ultra rare, secret rare and ghost rare.

Yugioh can also make you money. Depending on the website you use, you can get booster packs $1.50 - $5.50. As you know, each pack comes with 8 common cards, and 1 rare card. Commons are worth about 10 cents each, and rares can be worth 50 cents, all the way up  to $200.00! If you are looking to use Yugioh as a way to make money, be careful where you buy booster packs from, as some may be scaled (scaling is to weigh the pack to take out the valuable card packs, leaving the ones with 50 cent cards). Sometimes it is better to buy a box of 24 packs and $2.50 each pack, than to buy individual packs for $1.50 each.

Anyways I just wanted to let the newer players of Yugioh (and anyone interested in playing Yugioh), know a little bit about the game. Again if you want to learn more, go to Konami website.