The latest yugioh news is about the new Dragunity archetype that is in the Duel Terminal and Hidden Arsenal sets. They are separated into dragons and winged beasts. The name Dragunity is a contraction of the words dragon and unity, this is because of their equipping effects. Dragunities also show this type of unity in the art of the synchro monsters. The synchros are called "Dragunity Knights", they show the dragons being used as weapons and the winged beasts as the knights.

All of the Dragunity monsters so far are wind attribute monsters. This makes it where there are many combinations that you can use with other wind monsters, Flying Kamakiri 1 is one of the best examples of this. Also Dragunities can be used with dragon and winged beast support cards. This means that Blackwings and dragons can join in the fun.

The winged beast Dragunity monsters are named after historical warriors. This shows that they are the warriors of the archetype and the dragons are their steeds and weapons. The dragons equip to the winged beast as their weapons for stronger effects. As the winged beasts effects are used to call on the dragons.


There are different decks and strategies to use Dragunities. One strategy is to synchro summon fast and overwhelm your opponent. By using Dragunity Phalanx you can revive him easily and make unlimited synchro summons. All you have to do is get Phalanx to the graveyard and summon another Dragunity to equip Phalanx to, and then use Phalanx's effect to summon it and synchro summon. There are also sub archetypes that have different strategies.

Dragunity Arms Laevatein (28982)

The Dragunity Arms is a sub archetype that uses a new strategy. Dragunity Arms quickly swarm the field and equip to each other. They also are dragons with humanoid knight appearance, unlike the past Dragunity dragons they are not just weapons. Dragunities also have a loop summon using Dragunity Arms Laevatein and Light and Darkness Dragon. There is not any official yugioh news that says that we will see English versions of these cards.

Dragunity Knight - Trident (28983)

The Dragunity Knights are another sub archetype to the Dragunities, they are also the synchro monsters. All of the knights require a dragon tuner and winged beast non-tuners. Only five Dragunity Knights have been confirmed in the official yugioh news so far.

The latest yugioh news says that these are out now in the Duel Terminal 3 (TCG). Dragunities are also going to come out December 7, 2010 in Hidden Arsenal. This means that you don't have to wait long for this new archetype to be mass released. With the Dragunity's play style they should easily be a tournament winning archetype.