After living in different parts of the United States it was not until I traveled to Oregon that I found out what a yurt was. Just in case you don't know, I will explain so when your family destination gives you a yurt for lodging, you will know what you are getting into for a vacation. Get ready to be thrilled with your yurt accommodations in many ways.

Some people camp with tents, RVs, travel trailers, pop ups, pull along campers, in the bed of the truck inserts and the sleep on the ground sleeping bags. A yurt is a stretched, firm sided canvas dwelling, generally on a wooden foundation. Similar to tent and yet the framework of the Pacific yurt will be discussed since that is what I am most familiar.

Yurts come in all sizes and shapes too. They have been used for many years for their versatility and the durability of the style. Wind has little resistance, from the yurt. It is therefore somewhat warmer because the wind goes away from the rounded sides and is not abruptly stopped by a square or flat side. The yurt is a popular lodging building primarily because it can be moved easily and with little affect to the ground where it once stood. Yurts are constructed slightly above ground with only 3 or 4 steps to enter the framed door that can be locked for safety and security too.

Windows are common for light as well as an opaque ceiling to see the outside trees and the stars at night also. Some yurts have electricity and plumbing similar to an RV hook up program from a main utility box and ground septic system making them house like for family members. A yurt might only have electric depending on the site they are located. Community showers and toilets are well maintained if no plumbing is given in individual yurts. Heaters are effective comfort devices that sometimes are fluted with a central chimney.

The Pacific northwest coastal states of Oregon, Washington and California are not alone using yurts for travelers. Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and Utah have many yurts in state parks since they are economical, weather well and are a popular choice for many tourists. One night in a yurt for 4 or 5 people is offered in South Beach, Oregon State Park for under $50 total. This is a 2010 price, so check before quoting since fluctuating fees could change that. The high ceilings and abundant light sources make the yurt seem larger than it is, so children of all ages don't feel confined as in a traditional tent.

The yurt contains bunk style beds for the most part depending on the size of the structure. A nice table and benches or chairs add to the rustic decor for dining indoors. Linens might or might not be part of the appointments given, so inquire before planning on a yurt vacation. Either a full or half deck on the outside provides pick-nicking if weather permits. Most often your vehicle has a private drive and parking place.

Almost all places that have yurts also have playgrounds, bike trails as well as walkways for all family members for all activities. There might be a game room for children to enjoy if the weather turns wet during the planned vacation time.

Most often times the campsite that has yurts has a small grocery store on site for minimal necessities or a nearby town for supplies. Give the yurt a whirl your next travel adventure and enjoy your time! for other Oregon yurt info.