The Sci-Fi Networks television show Z-nation is the most fun someone can have during the apocalypse.  Okay there is some killing involved and it is pretty brutal, but for an hour a week you can be swept away into the lives of regular people trying to survive the end of the world.

In The Begining

The show starts off very quietly as do all zombie apocalypse shows.  It does not stay that way for long.  We are introduced to the narrator, Citizen Z (DJ Qualls).  A soldier stuck in Antarctica with no way of escape  However he finds ways to communicate with the rest of the survivors, helping many of the survivors during the worst time in the history of humanity.   Although Citizen Z uses his skills as a communications expert in the NSA, to help out the main group of survivors (the heroes), he also  entertains the world, by playing music, and giving weather reports, he's a regular disc jockey of the apocalypse. 

The Assignment

The heroes are out to save the world.  Their mission is to take a man carrying the cure for the zombie apocalypse to California.  Filled with dangers the team of heroes leaves New York with their wits and the savior of the free world.  The savior (Murphy),  a convict that was given the antidote to the zombie virus.  Murphy has a secret that he is carrying with him, that may have an effect on the team as their trek across the country.  


Some of the most bizarre things that happen during the zombie takeover of the world, is natural disasters.  Weather patterns do not change, and the undead will be a part of those weather patterns.  People that live in the midwest part of the U.S.  have to deal with a zombie tornado (zomnado).  Another weather pattern that comes into play, is the dust bowl (zombie bowl), of the apocalypse. 

The Team

During the zombie apocalypse you can not choose your champions.  The team that has to save Murphy, is a group of people who you (the viewer), would not expect to save their own lives let alone protect the man with the cure that will save humanity.  The team includes a teenage boy that was brought up as a survivalist.  He is a great addition to the team, because of his shooting skills.  His name is 10K because his goal is to kill ten-thousand zombies.  The leader of the team is Garnett, and keeps the team on track, even though the struggles are seem harder than anyone person can handle alone.  One other key player to the team is Doc.  They call him Doc because he has seen a lot of episodes of the television show ER. 

If you are looking for a fun way to travel through the zombie apocalypse Z-nation is the show for you.  It has funny characters, and entertaining premises that will entertain you for the entire hour it is on.  So enjoy the show and if you find your self in the zombie apocalypse, remember there is always someone who has the cure, even if he is a convict/coward.