Zagreb – A vibrant capital of Croatia

The city of Zagreb is the largest and most populated city in Croatia, and it is also the capital of the Republic of Croatia. It is located on the banks of the river Sava and at the bottom of a mountain called Medvednica. Such a geographical placement allows Zagreb, its inhabitants and its visitors to have exciting, fun, educational and relaxing times throughout the whole year. This means that during spring and summer, Zagreb provides great relaxation and water fun on the banks of Sava, and during the autumn and winter time, the city provides all sorts of winter activities. It has a population up to 1,111,000 people, including the Zagreb County Area.

Now, about the city itself - Zagreb has a very lively and vibrant atmosphere, with loads of activities for everyone. From historical attractions, cultural entertainment, sports and leisure activities to outdoor and adrenaline activities. Basically fun for all ages. It has a long and rich history, dating from Roman period of the 1st century. From that time on, Zagreb has developed into a real urban center, with everything modern. Modern urban planning, excellent transportation and nowadays modern way of life. People living in Zagreb are used to a relatively fast lifestyle. Working pretty long hours on weekdays and on Saturdays. But, they have also developed a need for quality relaxation on weekends, which is just what their city can provide for them.

A city like Zagreb never sleeps - well, except for major holidays. Apart from that, when you are in Zagreb you will never find yourself alone on the street - there is always something going on. People of Zagreb are always on the move with so much to see and to still find out about their hometown. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are reserved for maximum work tempo, then as the week comes closer to its end, so does the working atmosphere become less tight. Thursdays are reserved for a light night about the town, perhaps a movie, theater or an intimate concert. Fridays and Saturdays are another story - those days are reserved for more extravagant leisure time, so to speak. Large concerts, major sports matches and games and going clubbing till dawn. Sunday is a day reserved for spending with families and friends for a breakfast in the town or for a family lunch, just like in the olden days.

You cannot describe every wonderful thing about Zagreb and its people in just a few paragraphs, but let's say this was a good introduction to general facts about the city of Zagreb, its people and their customs.