While Zakiya's golfing achievements have been covered in various media, Golf Channel's 'Big Break Atlantis' is the show that will introduce her to a nationwide audience. Z is one of the finalists to make the cut, and has already become a much-discussed contestant on the show. When the show commences in May, it is sure to get a big dose of star power courtesy of Zakiya, and catch the fancy of young, aspiring golfers who tune in religiously to learn and be entertained.

'Z' maybe just 20 years young and turned pro only recently, but that hasn't stopped her from creating a strong track record. Z has several golf titles under her belt, and quite a few 'firsts' to her name. She has won the Florida National Junior Tour Championship and been crowned the Georgia PGA Junior Tour Champion. Won 1st Place Medal in LPGA U.S Women's Open Qualifier. She also holds the distinction of being the first female golfer to win the first Place Championship Title on the Golf Channel Tour. Zakiya, like most prodigious sportspersons, found her calling very early in life. She started playing golf at the tender age of ten, and hasn't looked back since.

Those who know Zakiya best will tell you that she is a humble, conscientious and hard-working girl. Her close friends describe Zakiya as charming, fun-loving and colorful, with a great sense of fashion. Off the greens, Z is like any other 20-year old, living life to the fullest, and balancing work and personal life admirably for someone so young. Credit is due to Zakiya's mother, who raised her single-handedly, and molded her into the fine young woman that we see before us.

Early on, Zakiya was taught to give back to the community in any way she could, and the golfing sensation has never forgotten this lesson. She is actively involved in many community and charitable programs with a youth-oriented focus. Some of Z's associations include Girls Incorporated, GoGirlGo!, President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition and Generation Connect. She has always made time to share golfing tips to young girls in schools like the National Girls Leadership Academy.

'Z' has the skills, looks and the personality to become an international golf star with the appeal to a larger demographic of golfers and non-golfer alike. 

Zakiya 'Z' Randall(97450)
Credit: Golf Channel - Mark Ashman