People nowadays are busy. With everything that we have to do in order to maintain our lifestyles, there is very little time left to do much else.

Most people enjoy the fact that there is so much available to them online. Zappos has just about everything you could imagine available to the consumer. Zappos is known for it's online shoe store., but they also sell mens, womans, and children's clothing, handbags, housewares, and even watches.

Even if you do have all of the time you need to shop, Zappos can help you to locate something that you have had a difficult time finding.

It is no secret that women love shoes. Most women pride themselves on their collection of shoes. A quick search on Woman's Shoes on the Zappo website brings up 31,118 results. They carry everything from the most elegant heels, to the most simple form of slippers.

Most retail and department stores carry a wide selection of shoes, but the online nature of this website gives it the freedom to carry just about any product. For instance, they carry 168 varieties of UGG woman's boots. Every color and style is represented here. There is no way that even a top-end department store could afford to carry that kind of inventory.

To put this into perspective, here are some numbers broken down by category for woman's shoes:

Number of woman's boots: 8,383

Number of woman's flats: 2,751

Number of woman's pumps: 6,113

Number of woman's sandles: 6,376

Number of woman's slippers: 544

A quick search on men's shoes brings back 11,768 results. They carry everything from the big and warm Sorel boots to the ultra stylish leather loafers. Just to give you a few quick examples of what is available here as far as men's shoes go. these numbers represent the total number of a type of shoes that Zappos has available:

Number of men's athletic shoes: 5,270

Number of men's boots: 2,260

Number of men's sandles: 678

Number of men's boat shoes: 255

Number of men's Oxfords: 1,473

Number of men's loafers: 1,352

Number of men's slippers: 190

Zappos also carries women's clothing. Once again, a quick search on Woman's Clothing brings back 15,808 results. They carry every type of clothing that you could think of from undergarments to a complete line of women's coats. They have every type of coat. They carry a complete line of North Face jackets as well as the ultra stylish Elie Tahari Cyrinda Jacket.

Think about it, a department store that carried 1/2 of these possibilities would take up acres of space. I could go on and on and break sown these categories even further, but I am sure that you get the idea by now that the Zappos online store warrants some investigation.