There are many reasons why people buy Zara clothes. The young girl in her mid-20s purchases the Zara brand clothing because they are fashionable, her mother purchases the clothing because they are value for money. It looks like Zara is riding a wave which is managing to capture two different markets at the same time. Being fashionable and being low priced is a very effective combination for this company.

The Zara Brand is the flagship chain store and a big part of the Inditex SA Spanish retail group, owned by Amancio Ortega, a Spanish tycoon. A Coruna, Galicia, Spain, is home to the group headquarters, this is also where the first Zara clothing store opened in 1975. It has seen one of the largest performances in the clothing sector in recent years throughout Europe. The turnaround period for any Zara product is about two weeks. That means designing, developing, producing, and delivering the product to the stores. It is said that the Zara clothing launches circa 10,000 brand-new design products every year.

Zara stores sell both men's clothing and Zara women's clothing. Each of these sections is further subdivided into complements, cosmetics, shoes, upper garments and lower garments. There is also a section for children's clothing in the Zara catalogue. There are 1560 Zara clothing stores around the world as of August 2009. When it comes to worldwide domination, Zara is the third-largest retailer for clothing in the world.

A completely new market for Zara is the clothing designs for children. The market for children's designer clothes has increased drastically over the last few years because of celebrity influence. Many people look at celebrities endorsing products, dressing their children up in designer outfits, and want to emulate these people. Every parent wants their child to stand out, to be apart from the crowd, many people do this by purchasing designer like clothes for their children at affordable prices.

It won't be long before the company opens the Zara clothing website. Although the clothing ranges will not be available for sale until 2010 and they will be restricted to certain markets, the use of the Internet in order to promote and sell a product is further going to improve the status of the company. The parent company has already set up an online store in 2007 but has refrained from selling Zara clothing online until this time. Once this website is up and running, you will simply have to visit the particular section of the website that you are interested in, e.g. men's clothing, ladies clothing, children's clothing, click on the item that you are interested in purchasing and moving it over into your basket. Shopping on the Internet these days offers not only different choices from different companies, it also offers you the opportunity of selecting clothing from the comfort of your own home. You are further saving money by not having to drive down to your local store. Or, maybe you do not have any access to Zara clothes in your locality which makes the website option even better.