Zazzle success is not something which is reached overnight. There are several things you need to do to have a successful affiliate system to set up for this online web store. As I recently had some big success with Zazzle (over 100$ earned with commissions, sold 18 products) I want to guide you through the process telling you how I did it. Let's get started, shall we?

Zazzle is an online web store with all kinds of products, from clothing to fun articles to books. This is just an Amazon, but slightly less serious and more fun.

Zazzle Affiliate Success: My Story

Just a back story, how I did it

First of all, it all comes down to finding a good niche. You need to have a website, a newsletter or some sort of other audience you can sell the product to. I have a website about Barney Stinson, one of the five main characters of the popular CBS show 'How I Met Your Mother'. In this show Barney Stinson is the break out character, a fun character who is a reason to watch the show. Barney Stinson's quotes are amazing and his catch phrases are repeated everywhere.

So this website is all around Barney Stinson and his type of lifestyle. As the writers of the show actually published three (hard cover) books in the name of Barney Stinson, this is a nice niche for me to explore, as I set up links to Amazon for these books. Barney Stinson has some awesome halloween costumes as well, which I link to and did very well during October.

Now recently in the show, Barney Stinson started to wear a Ducky Tie. He had to because he lost a bet with his close friends Marshall and Lily. Barney Stinsons Duck Tie is worn in around 6 episodes I think.
Now just imagine. You are a fan of a television show and you see, all of the sudden, one of your favorite television characters with a duck tie. He clearly isn't happy with it, but it looks kind of cool, right? Why does he has that duck tie? Where can you get it?Barney Stinson Duck TieCredit:

And that is where my website comes in. In October I saw over 400 people entering my website through the search phrase 'Barney Stinson Duck Tie' (or something similiar). As I didn't had a separate page about this, I only mentioned it in a the like-named episode review post, I made this immediately. Now I am receiving even more visitors throught the same search phrase and I set up an affiliate link to Zazzle. That easy? Yeah it is really that easy.

Now, this is not as easy as it sounds obviously, as I did already have a site with some authority and background. I have a newsletter as well with over 80 subscribers now. I sent them an email as well about the duck tie, so this could count with them as well. Still, you can learn a lot from what I did, I guess.

Zazzle Affiliate Succes: How You Can Use this Technique

Zazzle Afilliate Success: How to Earn on ZazzleCredit:

Finding Your Niche

I got this success with Zazzle because I have found my niche. I am a big fan of How I Met Your Mother and of Barney Stinson in particular. Because I already had a website running about the guy I could get this success.

So find your niche. What do you love? Where can you write around 20 articles about? This is really important, because you need to find a way to reach out to readers.

Build Something

I don't say you have to build a website, but I would recommend it. Just because it doesn't have to cost you a dime (you can set up a free Blogger or Wordpress account easily) and it is a great way to gain authority on a subject. You can write an article as well on InfoBarrel or any other revenue sharing site, but you need to build something. People are not gonna click on your link magically, they need an entry point from Google.

Find a product

As I saw the Ducky Tie on an episode of How I Met Your Mother and I searched for it myself in the beginning, this was easy for me. If I was looking for this product, other fans were looking as well for sure! But you need to find a product yourself as well.

Browse through Zazzle. What is something you want to buy yourself? Find the product where you can talk about with enthusiasm. What kind of product would you actually want to sell to others? If you have some sort of affiliation with the product, if you love it in some sort of way, you will know you are in the right direction.

Build the Link

Sign up for the Zazzle affiliate program and grab the affiliate code. An obvious step, but an important one. You need to set up a couple of things before you can start selling on Zazzle, like tax information and a paypal account.

Sell the Actual Product through Zazzle!

And now comes the most important step: sell the product. Write an article about the product, write it in such a way people would want to buy it. But please, only do so if you are really sure this is something you want others to buy. I know people would look awesome when they would wear a ducky tie, so I had no problems with this, but there are products out there which you wouldn't want to your worst enemy to buy!

Use the channels you have, if this is just InfoBarrel, that is fine. Write an article about it, write a couple of articles with it to build some backlinks and publish it. If you have a website, set up a separate page and gain some backlinks from sites like InfoBarrel. The best would be if you have an actual email list, like I had. Emailing a lot of people at once, with some good copy and a good product, works good always.

Hopefully you gained some knowledge on selling some cool stuff through the Zazzle affiliate system. If you have tips or tricks, please share them.