From the floor, to the wall, to your favorite handbag, zebra print is and always has been, a classic, trendy and sophisticated design and fashion element. This fabulously graphic pattern has the power to take a room or an outfit from nice to stunning, and from boring to beautiful. With such a variety of accessories for both room and wardrobe, zebra print is easily paired and easily coordinated into any style of dress or furnishings.

While it's true that accessories can make the outfit, keep in mind that they can also break it - and the same holds true for home décor. When considering adding zebra print to your home - or to your closet - it's important to keep it to a minimum and to never, ever overdo it. Here are a few basic tips on decorating with zebra patterned accessories and furnishings that will help you bring this wonderful, graphically and visually interesting print into your life without getting gaudy or tacky.

One way to achieve success with adding this hot look to just about any room in your home is to start with the floor. A zebra print rug will incorporate a WOW factor as well as give you a foundation on which to build the rest of the room's décor. The great thing about zebra print rugs is that they don't just come in rectangular black and white versions. Instead, they're available in animal hide shapes as well as round and square to name a few. They're also available in many different sizes that can either cover an entire floor area or just part of it. Once you place your rug down, begin building around it by placing the furniture and then adding some items such as a few throw pillows with black and white patterns that are not zebra print as well as those that include a pop of color. Also, don't be afraid to play with texture - some rugs come in faux fur, as do pillows and throw blankets. They don't necessarily have to be the same animal print either. Pull in a little leopard or cheetah while you're at it but do not overdo it. Animal print everything is not stylish. However, a few key pieces is a very stylish look.

The same holds true for your wardrobe. A zebra print belt, zebra handbag, zebra print scarf - these are all great accessories however, don't wear them all at once! Wear the zebra print shoes but don't pair them with the belt, the bag and the scarf! As a matter of fact, don't pair them with anything else that has the pattern on it. Feel free to wear the zebra print handbag with your sexiest jeans, black leather booties, a red v-neck tshirt with a black cotton tweed blazer and some chunky jewelry accessories. This is how you do zebra print on your body without looking like Jane from the Jungle. A little hint a little highlight a little focal point and the entire outfit looks put together and you look well dressed and high style.

As long as you keep minimalism in mind when it comes to animal prints then you'll achieve décor and fashion greatness. Keeping it light, fresh and fashionable rather than committing "animal overkill" will allow the zebra print pattern to pop and fulfill it's rightful place in your fabulous home and stylish wardrobe.