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Zen Alarm Clock, Is it Worth Your Money

Like most people, you are addicted to sleep and you just cannot get enough. The more you sleep the more you tend to want to sleep. However, you know you will have to get up and face the day. That is the most difficult part for most people. That is also why there is the Zen alarm clock. So what makes the Zen alarm clock so special? Well, the Zen alarm clock is functional and that means it is designed to wake you up like most alarm clocks. The difference is in the design and how the Zen alarm clock wakes you up.

Is the Zen alarm clock manual?

The name Zen implies or tends to denote everything that is devoid of technology. However, that is not the case with the Zen alarm clock. These alarm clocks come in digital form. That means that the Zen alarm clocks have move along and have entered the digital age. That being said, the Zen alarm clock has been designed to wake you up gently.

If you are the type that needs a big boom to wake up, you will probably not want the Zen alarm clock. Most people will generally not wish for a heart attack caused by their alarm clock. That is why the Zen alarm clock is said to use a countdown system of meditation timer. That means you will be gradually nursed back to life through the Zen alarm clock.

How to choose the appropriate Zen alarm clock

Battery and AC power: At times batteries run low and you forget to change them on time or you don't have spare batteries that can be used in your Zen alarm clock. In order to avoid such a situation, it is important to pay attention to having both the AC and battery operated alarm cloc. You don't want to have to over sleep and tell your manager that your alarm clock failed to ring. That will be such a lame excuse. That is why choosing a Zen alarm clock with both battery and Ac power is indispensable.

Price: Why is the Zen alarm clock so expensive? Well, if you don't think paying $120 to $200 is expensive for an alarm clock then you must be rolling in dollars. That being said, the Zen alarm clock is quite a nice piece of appliance to have at home. It will add a certain level of charm to your décor.

Design is one of the most important think to consider when choosing a Zen alarm clock. That is because you don't want to brag about an appliance that cost more than a $100 and at the same time looks cheap. If you choose a cheap design you will either have to hide the price of your Zen alarm clock from your friends or tell them that it was a gift from a stranger.

If you think about a Ferrari, it is a fast car and it is very expensive. However, care has been taken to make sure the car looks good. That is the same with the Zen alarm clock. It is about design and your money. The better the look of your Zen alarm clock the more you will be able to boast about the price.

Is the Zen alarm clock worth your money?

If you have that much money to spend on a trendy Zen alarm clock and you didn't have to remortgage your house, you will be getting your money's worth. The Zen alarm clock is different and that alone will make it appealing to those who want to be trend setters and not just follow the crowd.