If you have not heard all the buzz about Zer01 technology which is being offered with the Buzzirk Prepaid Cell Phones then you are going to be amazed. We all know that over a 40 million people have access to a mobile phone in the United States and that number is expected to grow.

In fact many people have chosen to do away with their land line because they spend most of their time on their mobile. Well with the new Zer01 technology that number is just going to increase; in fact this service is going to change the way that you look at your cell phone providers.

You should be well aware of what VOIP (Voice Over Internet IP) and GSM (Global System For Mobile Communications) are. Well they are two technologies that provide us the fast cable and internet speed that we are all used to.

While most wireless communications companies currently use the GSM technology there has never been a company that harnesses the power of both technologies together. In fact it would just be too expensive to do it.

This is the reason that most cable companies charge a lot just to access their high speed internet and cable services. However beginning in August Global Verge is going to be introducing a new product that they call Zer01 technology. These Zer01 prepaid cell phones are going to be capable of so much that it is going to be mind blowing.

Imagine being able to make a call from anywhere in the United States or globally without having to worry about going over your minutes or roaming charges. These phones will also have a GPS system that will allow you to find your way around anywhere that you go.

Not to mention that they will also have the capability of downloading movies and then act as modem that you will hook up to your television set so you can begin enjoying the movies. It truly is amazing how quickly the technology is changing.

There are so many other benefits and features of these phones; that you will have to check them out and read them. In fact it could take you several hours just to try to understand how the wireless communications industry is getting ready to change. The good news is that it is going to be affordable for anyone who really wants to harness this power.