What is a Zero Gravity Lawn Chair?

Zero Gravity Chair
Zero gravity lawn chairs, sometimes called anti-gravity lounge chairs are designed to be extremely flexible, and comfortable. They way they recline allows them to equally support the body from head to toe, giving you a feeling of "weightlessness." The mechanisms used in the construction make it possible to recline in an infinite number of positions, from sitting directly upright, to actually leaning backwards similar to an inversion table. Your legs are raised in perfect proportion to the reclining of the back rest to ease muscle tension, release pressure on the spine. Most higher end zero gravity lawn chairs raise the feet about the level of the heart which immediately relaxes the body and reduces blood pressure. Anti-gravity chairs have even been used by NASA to relieve the stress of astronauts before take off.

Types of Zero Gravity Chairs:

Zero Gravity Chair - The most expensive and most common zero gravity chairs are similar to a normal reclining chair. They are made with high quality hardwoods and are covered in plush and luxurious padding and fabrics. Many come in very expensive leathers and hardwoods making them very modern looking styles of furniture you would put in your contemporary living room. They have a natural sleek profile that takes up a very small footprint, yet is extremely usable in every day life.

Zero Gravity Lawn Chair - For those that can't afford hundreds or thousands of dollars for a high end anti-gravity chair, there are zero gravity lawn chairs, or lounge chairs that provide many of the same health benefits without all of the expensive materials. They are usually constructed of a tubular steel frame that is both rigid and compact. Instead of padding and leather, zero gravity lounge chairs use a mesh material to "suspend" you in mid air while being comfortably reclined.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair - If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort, many zero gravity chairs have advanced massage units built in to reduce blood pressure, increase circulation and work out all of the tension in your back and shoulders.

Benefits of an Anti-Gravity Lounge Chair:

Compared to traditional or massage anti gravity chair, zero gravity lounge chair are much less expensive. Whereas a high end chair may cost over $1000 dollars, most zero gravity lawn chairs are under $140 dollars. Additionally, lawn chairs are lightweight, easy to move, and weather resistant. Relax by the pool or at the beach suspended perfectly in air in a portable zero gravity chair. Finally, zero gravity lawn chairs are collapsible for easy storage and transport. Keep it out of the way during the off season, but easily accessible when spring and summer come around and you are ready to put your feet up and take a well deserved rest.