A zero gravity chair represents one of the most groundbreaking achievements in ergonomic design. These chairs use state of the art technology to put your body in a position where there is no stress on your spine or other back muscles, allowing you to relax in a way you never have before. Putting your body in this position has many different health benefits as well. Zero gravity chairs can lower blood pressure and increase lung capacity among other things. These chairs are made by many different manufacturers, but one of the most popular models is the Sanyo zero gravity massage chair.

What a Zero Gravity Chair Is

Zero gravity chairs were originally designed by NASA to help them launch astronauts into space. The G-forces involved in a space launch put immense amounts of strain on the human body. Because of this, the engineers at NASA needed to find a way to put the human body into the ideal position where there is the least amount of stress on the body. The basic positions of all zero gravity lounge chairs are derived from this technology used during shuttle launches.

These chairs are called zero gravity because instead of concentrating all of your body's weight on your spine, it becomes spread across your entire back, giving you a relaxing feeling of being almost weightless. These chairs are highly adjustable and must be adjusted carefully to each individual person to achieve the best feeling and avoid discomfort.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

These space-age chairs have a lot of different health benefits. Many of them are similar to the benefits you get from an electric massage bed. First, the feeling of weightlessness you get from sitting in the chair is from putting your body in a position that decreases pressure on your spine and transfers it to other areas of your back. Because of this, most users will get a significant amount of pain relief from sitting in the chair. The chair also raises you legs and other areas of your body above your heart. This couples with the release of tension from your muscles to lower your blood pressure. Blood flow is also increased in this position. Finally, the chair opens up your chest in such a way that it actually increases your lung capacity. Many of these chairs also have massage elements built into them, giving you the health benefits of a back massage as well.

The Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chair

There are many different style and manufacturers of these chairs. Zero gravity chairs come in almost every shape and style and are able to be used in most rooms of any office or home for anything from watching TV to reading or just plain relaxing. There are even zero gravity beach chairs on the market today! One of the most popular models of these chairs is the Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chairs.
The Sanyo 7700 massage chair is a little pricy, but you really can't find a chair that incorporates more innovative technology. The chair has two different zero gravity positions that you can use to relax. However, the most state of the art technology is in how it massages you. There are thumb-sized rollers embedded in the chair that mimic the action of human hands. The chair comes with a built in neck massager, leg massagers, and other massages made for certain body areas. There are then used by an unique stiffness detection system that gives you a massage on the same level as one you would receive in a spa. The stiffness detection system a photo sensory gauge to figure out muscle stiffness by measuring pulse, perspiration, and other galvanic skin responses. There are an amazing 83 manual massage courses that you can use and five different speed settings.

Sitting in a zero gravity massage chair gives you a sense of weightlessness and relaxation that can't be matched anywhere else on Earth. The chair can give you several different health benefits and can help to relieve back pain, especially for people who sit at a desk all day or have chronic problems. The selection of manufacturers, style, and functionality makes them more attractive to buy now than ever. They are definitely worth considering as an addition to your favorite room for relaxation.