What is Zero Pollution Motors?

Zero Pollution Motors is an American motor company representing French based company Motor Development International (MDI).

MDI has created a car that runs completely on compressed air. Provided the car stays below 35MPH, the car will use absolutely no gas or diesel. If the car goes above 35MPH a fuel source such as gas or biodiesel will be used to heat the air. The heat causes the compressed air to expand before reaching the engine which provides a much longer range.

But what if you are low on compressed air? Simple, you can easily fill the tank with compressed air in as little as 3 minutes at a service station. If you are at home, you can easily plug the car into a conventional outlet and have the car fully recharged in about 4 hours; the electric cost being about $2.

ZPM plans on producing their first vehicle in 2010. Their vehicle will be a six seater, four door vehicle and will be priced somewhere around the $18,000 mark. According to the company, the vehicle will do over 100MPG and will be able to achieve speeds up to 90mph. Said vehicle will produce zero to extremely minimal emissions.

Zero Pollution Motors Prototype
Zero Pollution Motors' "air car" will cover 500 miles per fill-up and have a top speed of 96 mph

Zero Pollution Motors Solar Recharge
Solar-powered compressors will be able to fill compressed air tanks during daylight hours, allowing recharge times to be as little as three minutes.

Zero Pollution Motors Prototype Sliding Doors
The side doors on the "air car" allow for easy accessibility and plenty of interior space.