The Zhu Zhu Hamsters toys are currently some of the hottest selling children's items on the planet! These furry, plush little electronic animals are considered smart toy hamster pets, with unique personalities. They provide hours of endless fun for kids and allow parents to give their children a pet without the mess or hassle that real life animals bring with them. Right now, they are considered the hottest toy for the upcoming holiday season, sending parents and other adults scrambling to find them in stores.

These Zhu Zhu pets hamsters are currently available online and continue to be at the top of many kids' wish lists. So what exactly are these cool critters? They are a series of plush stuffed animals that are electronic. Each of the hamsters has its own name and different personality. There's a brown hamster named Mr. Squiggles, yellow named Pipsqueek, white named Chunk and grey named Num Nums. These toys feature buttons on them for two different play modes. They can be let loose in "Explore mode" or become loving pets in "Nurture mode". The pet toys will respond to various stimulus such as being petted or bumping into objects on the floor, making noises and other actions. Kids everywhere love these little gadgets.

In addition to the individual hamster toys, there's also all sorts of cool and fun accessories to go with them. For example, one popular item is the Zhu Zhu pets Funhouse. This play dwelling features a kitchen and bedroom, studio-bathroom and room connector tunnel. There's also entries and exits with outlet caps that can be customized on the toy with other accessories. The connector track section on the funhouse has special bumps along the way which trigger the hamsters to make special noises or funny movements. You can use this particular playset to build upon with more accessories and eventually build a huge habitat for the various hamsters.

The Zhu Zhu pets toy hamsters are going to continue to be tough to find in stores leading up to the 2009 holiday season, since so many parents want to get them for their children. With some luck, parents can find these popular items online at various retailers, or if they happen to get to a store that just got a shipment in. However, if you can find them they are well worth the purchase as they'll provide hours of amusing entertainment that puts a smile on your child's face!