Meet the Zhu Zhu pet hamsters. Mr. Squiggles, Pipsqueak, Num Nums and Chunk, are the newest interactive pets to hit the market. All across the United States, children and parents alike are falling in love with these adorable little bundles of fun and it's easy to see why.

Has your child been begging for a pet hamster, but you are not exactly thrilled with that idea? A Zhu Zhu pet hamster will satisfy your child's desire without any of the normal hamster mess, death or cost associated with a live hamster. None of these cute little hamsters needs food, water or a weekly cage cleaning. Yet, these responsive pets will scurry around their habitats just like a real hamster. They like to snuggle with their human companions and will purr, squeak and coo just like a real hamster when their noses are stroked.

To make the hamster move, pet the hamster's back. He will race around the room in true hamster fashion. Each pet hamster has a range of over 40 sounds and can determine what sound to make based on the room of the hamster habitat that he is in. For example, he will make toothbrushing sounds when in the bathroom and sleeping sounds in the bedroom. According to Natalie Hornsby, a brand development strategist for Cepia, LLC, the company that created the Zhu Zhu interactive pet line, it's as if "they had a mind of their own." The will settle down and fall asleep if left alone.

The Zhu Zhu hamsters come in four different colors, each with its own hamster personality. Mr. Squiggles is light brown with a squiggle embroidered on his back. Otherwise known as the "modern day Houdini," Mr. Squiggles loves to explore and be cuddled, but in his mind he's not cute. He considers himself tough. Pipsqueak is yellow with an embroidered star on her back. She is a daredevil, is extremely curious and does not let her small size hold her back. Num Nums, a gray hamster with an embroidered heart on her back, loves food. She can smell a hamster treat no matter where you try to hide it. Chunk is a white hamster with an embroidered sun on his back. Chunk loves to surf. He is very laid back and really, really likes to be cuddled.

Every hamster needs a home and fun things to do. Zhu Zhu hamsters are no different. All of them love the Hamster Fun House, Spiral Slide and Ramp, Surfboard and Sleep Dome, Garage and Car, Pet Carrier, Tunnel, Bed and Blanket. For even more fun, let them try out the Go Go Adventure Ball, the Hamster Wheel and Tunnel or the Skateboard and U-Turn Ramp. These accessories, sold separately, can be attached to each other to make a complex habitat that makes watching them all the more exciting.

The fuzzy, adorable Zhu Zhu pets are becoming extremely popular and more difficult to find as we approach the holiday season. Make sure you shop early before they are sold out. The look on your son or daughter's face when they open the present will definitely be worth it. There are still some places to find Zhu Zhu pets online.