The Zhu Zhu pets are the latest innovative, smart electronic toy for your child aged 3 to 10 years old. They're basically electronic hamsters complete with unique personalities and characteristics. They'll respond to being petted, hugged or loved, will go to sleep and will intelligently react to various stimuli in their habitat. These toys built by Cephia LLC have a special artificial intelligence inside them that makes each and every use a unique experience! Currently you can buy a Funhouse set or the set of 3 pet hamsters.

There's a set of 3 ZhuZhu Pets Hamsters available for purchase which contains three of the electronic hamsters. Their names are Mr. Squiggles, Chunk and Num Nums. Chunk is described as a laid back surfer type hamster who likes to hang low and chill, until he catches the scent of a surf. Num Nums is a female hamster who loves food and she'll detect it from a distance, so watch her go! Finally there's Squiggles, who is the more experienced hamster of the bunch. He's a "been there, done that" type who is ready to explore even more. As you can probably tell, each of these hamsters is a unique yet fun pet.

These smart toys feature two special modes: loving and explore mode. In loving mode, you can hug, pet and love your hamster and it will respond by squeaking and chattering. In explore mode, you allow them to go forth on their own through the hamster habitat or on your hard floors. Along the way, they'll scoot, scamper, bump and boogie all over! These are very smart hamsters which provide hours of unique playtime scenarios. Your child can use these hamsters as virtual pets, or can use them with various accessories such as the Zhu Zhu pets Funhouse. The Funhouse includes a special track that your pet will go down, and all sorts of openings to add other Zhu Zhu accessories.

Giving your child these pets is almost as good as giving them a live pet hamster. Only in the case of these electronic pets, your child doesn't need to feed the hamsters, or clean up after them for that matter. They make for hours of fun based on their artificial intelligence programming. They're sure to be one of the hottest new toys for the Christmas 2009 season. So look out Beanie babies and Webkinz, the Zhu Zhu pets are ready to hit the scene!