Not so long ago Daisy was playing with her zhu zhu hamster and was enjoying herself tremendously. She had her favorite, Chunk, who just loved to be tucked in to his bed and have his blanket put over. Now, Daisy was a gentle soul and liked nothing more than to play quietly with her favorite hamster toy.

Unfortunately for Daisy her brother Damien came along and wanted to play as well. His zhu zhu pets hamster had somehow been given a bit of a make over and was now more of a cross between a ninja and a marine. His once white hamster, chunk as well, was now clad mostly in black and had some very interesting face paint. What Damien wanted was to take Daisies zhu zhu pet for a ride in his truck. Daisy was none too sure about this as she had lost toys in the past and Cindy was still missing, presumed forever, after almost a year. She was reluctant and she decided to let the hamsters decide for themselves. She discussed this with Damien who seemed to agree quite readily. Too readily if anything. The glint in his eye told her that you must know something she didn't. Was it such a good idea after all? Too late now.

Damien, in his child's mind was sure that Daisies Chunk zhu pet was sure to want to go for a ride. After all didn't they all love dressing up as ninjas and storming the local GI Joe battalion that was just down the street.

So, the zhu zhu hamsters were set down, given a quick pat on the head for luck and off they went. The hamsters both whizzed around the ground furiously in an effort to get to what they wanted. Their co-ordination was not that great though.Damien's because his Chunk was rather weighed down with nun-chucks and Daisies because the lack of exercise and too much time in bed left it rather weak at the knees.

After a few minutes it seemed that conclusions were being made and Damien was sure that the truck would be preferable to anything else.

No one counted on the carrot though.

A few feet away lay a lovely orange carrot, that was there for the sake of this story. It had a lovely green top and was almost irresistible to both Chunks. With a surge of effort they both headed for it.

But no, only inches away they both stopped dead in their tracks.

The batteries had run flat.


(Don't ask, I have written too much today).