April has been an exciting month, to say the least! Adsense income is steady with a slight drop over last months, which seems to correlate with missing the bonus revenue share last month and starting a bunch of other projects. On the other hand I have been working out a daily schedule and seem to be getting pretty settled in my new home and town. I have a lot to talk about in this InfoBarrel report so I might just get started.

Closing Out April 2012 - The Month of New Projects

Because of everything that has happened this month "The Month of New Beginnings" seems to be an appropriate title. 

Last Month's Goals

  • At least 30 points of InfoBarrel content.

As of this article I will have 30 points total in time for the end of the month. I am cheating a little bit by posting this report a day early so I will have to make sure I get another five points in from normal articles next month. Either way I qualify for the additional 10% Adsense share next month so hopefully I should see some growth.

  • Submit five featured articles to max out revenue share.

Done! I just went through and submitted them all and just reached five. I put a little but of forethought into this but there was also a bit of luck involved. 

  • Get RLHighscore officially launched.

I managed to get everything done that I needed to officially launch my new website RLHighscore. While this is good I didn't end up doing the promotional work on it that I originally planned on doing. Time permitting, I will be doing this next month.

  • Produce three major StaCraft 2 articles.

Sadly, I didn't reach this goal. I actually forgot about it completely. I did manage to get some content out though, including a killer StarCraft 2 esports article here on InfoBarrel. I have an interview in about 45 minutes that could change this dramatically, if it goes well I could be writing a lot of new StarCraft 2 content.

  • Grow my freelance income each week (over the last weeks earnings).

Oh boy did I meet this goal! But more on that later.

Earnings for April

Adsense - $7.15 Total

This month I earned a total of $6.07 from InfoBarrel, $1.05 from RLHighscore (yay!) and $0.03 from YouTube revenue share. That last part surprised me as I only just started uploading video game content on YouTube this month and only have around 140 views. If it keeps going at that rate it will be $0.30 per 1000 views, which is very nice!

Amazon - $2.49

Not much to say here not, haven't written any more Amazon articles (for myself) but still getting a little bit of residual income each month from a few I wrote a while back. One thing worth mentioning is that every single Amazon article I have written has earned me something. I'm pretty happy with that.

Chitika - $0.15

Looks like Chitka finally started to do something. I guess if I get into the $1000 per month range with Adsense I might start earning a few dollars with Chitika but I wont hold my breath.

Freelance Writing - $202.13

Here is where things have really started to pick up. $67.13 was from the freelance brokering site that Dreamaker referred me to and the rest was from two other InfoBarrel authors. Better yet both of these clients have rehired me for additional work and I am getting even more offers from other InfoBarrel members! KnightTrader was even kind enough to include me in his InfoBarrel report for April. I am excited to be dividing my time between my own work on IB and working for other authors. If you would like to discuss my freelance writing services please feel free to add me as a friend here on InfoBarrel and to send me a private message!

Overall it was a good month for earnings. I can attribute my drop in Adsense to three things: my failure to hit full revenue share last month, a lack of articles posted last month and early this month, and the general fluctuation of new content before it matures. 

Goals for May 2012

  • 30 points and five featured submissions on InfoBarrel - This is a monthly goal that is my bare minimum for submissions.
  • All articles above 1000 words - After some more experimentation I have decided that I really prefer writing longer articles and that they earn much better than my shorter ones.
  • Find a balance between as much freelance work as I need and reaching my personal content output goals - This is a very qualitative goal (which is not the best thing to do when setting goals), that's why I put it in italics. The reason is I'm not entirely sure what enough freelance work is so this next month is going to be discovering that. I think a good figure to aim for is three to four articles per day, which is my current workload plus one or two more clients.
  • Three Posts on RLHighscore each week - RLHighscore is my baby and I want to keep nurturing it. I think three posts per week is the minimum somone should come up with if they are trying to build up a decent read-base for a new website.
  • Produce at least one new YouTube video a week - I have really enjoyed making videos and now that I have seen how easily they can earn I am keen to start building up this income stream. (I wrote an article about monetizing gaming content as one of this month's featured submissions).

Look DownLook DownThanks for reading my InfoBarrel report for April! What are your goals for March on InfoBarrel? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!