G'day fellow InfoBarrelers and any potential InfoBarrelers. I'm ZiggyD an Australian marketer, writer and eSports enthusiast. I suggest checking out my profile page for more information if you haven't already.

This is the first issue of my monthly InfoBarrel reports. By writing these I hope to keep myself on-track and motivated to keep writing as well as to give myself a way to look back over my progress. Hopefully they can also help motivate others to keep writing or to start writing if they haven't already!

My Reports will be split into two parts:

  1. A summary of the month past including revenue and achievements.
  2. A plan for the upcoming month, that is, what my goals are and how I will work towards them.

I may also mention any other online plans I have that impact on my InfoBarrel writing and any other projects I am working on. However, since this is my first article I think I will start with how I got started on InfoBarrel.

I started with InfoBarrel early to mid-January (3 weeks and 1 day ago according to my profile) after checking out a lot of revenue sharing sties for writers. I have been writing for over a year about StarCraft 2 on my own website but I was keen start writing about a greater variety of topics.

Before I found IB I was pretty unsure about the idea of revenue share sites, they all looked a bit dodgy to me. IB looked pleasantly different from the others - namely in how clear their revenue share structure is and how positive the forum and admin seemed. After a bit more research I was convinced that it was 100% legit and I signed up and got cracking.

InfoBarrel Report January

Closing Out January 2012

My goal for the first month was to have at least one article a day published and to get pre-approved. I ended up getting pre-approved after 13 articles in 13 days. I felt pretty great about that and I kept writing. 

During this time I also set out to learn as much base-level SEO as possible. Similar to the way I learn and write StarCraft 2 I planned on writing beginners guides to the SEO topics as I learned them. I got a basic grasp of keywords and their use and really got stuck into LSI - which I ended up writing my first beginners guide on.

Here is what I looked like at the end of January:

  • 17 Articles - I stopped publishing once I passed 30 points int he contest, I will explain why later in this article.
  • Adsense - $2.34
  • Amazon - $0.91

A very modest beginning but also satisfying proof that my Adsense ads and Amazon links all work properly. I look forward to improving on this for next month. I ended up just short of my goal of an article a day but this is because I stopped publishing towards the end of the month. 

Tools Used:

This month I started using Best-Reviewer to build some easy backlinks. Best-Reviewer offers Adsense revenue sharing too and I actually got one of my clicks this month from them, so I know it works. What Best-Reviewer allows you to do is build 'Top x lists' on any topic you want. For example, I recently created a top list of some of the best InfoBarrel resources for beginners. I used a bunch of links from other people and one of my own and wrote a short description for each.

If you are interested in using Best-Reviewer please consider signing up as my referral - Thank you!

Goals For February

My main focus this month will be building a library of content. I am going to reduce the amount of research I do into SEO and simply get a lot written. I feel like I have a good understanding of how to correctly write articles for search engines but I do not know how to do decent keyword research so for this month I will simply writing a lot and applying my current SEO understanding to what I write. I'm taking the 'ready, fire, aim.' approach so I'll go back and see what hit the mark next month.

My goals for February are:

  • Write all 1000 word articles.
  • Write at least 1 article a day.
  • Win the February competition.

Perhaps a bit ambitious for my second month here, but If I even come close to achieving these goals I will have a great library of articles by the end of the month. I will then have a nice foundation to base future SEO investigations on. This is why I stopped publishing at the end of last month, I wanted to get a bit of a head-start on this months competition. I managed to get three 1000-word articles ready to go, a nice little 15-point head start.

If I manage to stick to one, 1000-word article a day I will close out February with a nice 150 points. January's winner finished with a little over 200 points so if I am already headed to 150 a little extra push should see me hit close to that. Specifically, I would need to write 40 1000-word articles to hit the 200 point mark. As you can see I have already made a good start with three articles up already (I started saving them up towards the end of last month).

Working this out has shown me how easy it is to get the 30 points needed each month to increase your revenue share to 80%. If you aren't getting this each month - you should be.

In Other News

I made a suggestion on the forums that we start helping each other out with on and off-page SEO as a community movement for the benefit of everyone. Essentially it involves everyone interested actively commenting and including links to other writers articles in their own articles and backlinking efforts. If people get in the habit of doing this everyone will feel the benefit of increased traffic and ad relecance. Feel free to read more about this initiative in the forum thread.


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about anything in this report or any suggestions for me please let me know in the comments below!