In July I learned the lesson of diversification. Not in a harsh, catastrophic way but in a nice obvious "this is what happens if all of your content is in one niche" sort of way.

YouTube was, again, the biggest focus of this month though I did see an the effects of summer on my Infobarrel earnings. Both actually had a substantial drop in earnings, but I am still seeing overall growth.

I know exactly what I need to do to earn and obtain long term success. I have seen small success one after the other and, as I have heard time and time again, the biggest indicator of future success is past success. It's very exciting.

ZiggyD's July 2012 InfoBarrel Report BannerCredit: ZiggYD

I'm going to divide this article up into three sections, my work on InfoBarrel, my work on YouTube, and my summary and goals for the upcoming month. I'll try and make it nice and easy to skim read the important bits. So, without further ado:

Infobarrel Earnings ZiggyDCredit: ZiggyD

I saw a bit of a slowdown on InfoBarrel in July. It's pretty easy to compare it to June because in both months I only posted a couple of articles. However, up to this month my IB earnings through Adsense had been increasing slightly or sticking around the $10 mark. 

InfoBarrel Adsense: ~$5.50

InfoBarrel Amazon: $6.72

As you can see I saw a bit of a drop in Adsense earnings, though Amazon surprisingly made up for the deficit. I can only attribute this drop to one thing really, and it's kind of a big one in this industry:


Overall, I am not worried about the decline. I still have a very good idea of what earns and I know that my writing has great potential to earn, I just need a bit of keyword research (which is my greatest weakness). 

YouTube Adsense EarningsCredit: ZiggyD

July was a very interesting month for me on YouTube, it presented a great learning opportunity. I saw a large decline in earnings from June but it was very obvious why this happened. I also saw overall growth on my channels, so I am on the right track.

The above video is my monthly video report, which focuses on the YouTube side of things. You can subscribe to the channel to see them in your feed ahead of this report. If you are more interested in YouTube success strategy I also make a series of YouTube success guides there as well. 

Here are the numbers for YouTube in July: 

Videos Uploaded: 23

Views: 39,000

Subscriber Gain: 109

Gross Adsense Earnings: $86

As you can see it's a bit of a drop from last month's total in earnings and views. However, I did gain a lot of subscribers and my new content is getting a very good amount of views within 24 hours of being posted. 

What Caused the Decline?

Pretty simple one this time; Diablo 3 interest dropped off very quickly a month after it's release. This is usually the case but the drop off in interest was very pronounced due to some dissatisfaction with the game. Since 75% or more of my content was based on Diablo 3 it is inevitable that I would see a significant drop off in gross earnings. 

Is this a Bad Thing? Should I have Diversified Earlier?

I don't actually think this is a bad thing. If I had of diversified earlier I would have missed a lot of potential earnings and subscribers. I am also very well positioned to diversify into other content, which I have already started (and it's going very well). I will continue to make some Diablo 3 content as it will continue to earn for the next few years, especially when updates to the game are released. 

I consider June to be an Outlier in Terms of Earnings

This is important because I can't analyze my overall success based on one good month. I saw an unproportinate amount of views in June simply because the topic I wrote about was obscenely popular. I do, however, see it as a small success and a great launching pad. It also bought me some new equipment for recording and my sound quality has increased as a result (I hope you notice!). If we take a look at May (~$60) and then July (~$85) we see an overall growth in earnings. I look forward to further analysis without the outlier that was June.

Summary and GoalsCredit: ZiggyD

Overall, this felt like a great month to me but I really wanted to put a lot more work into it. I didn't make minimum payment for Adsense, which is something I want to do every month from now on.

Stopping Freelance Writing Work to Focus on My Own Work

I have had a good discussion with my partner and have had a good think myself and I have decided to shift my focus more to my own projects. This means severely cutting back on freelance writing for at least a month. I have simply been burning myself out on freelance work and haven't been putting in the work I need to in order to be able to meet my medium and long term goals. I might start picking up freelance work again in a month's time but I plan on deciding closer to then, based on how things are progressing.

I'd like to make a big thank you to all of my clients, past and present, for providing such wonderful opportunities for me. I hope to work with you again in the future if it becomes appropriate for me to do so.

If I am currently working on a contract for you, don't worry. I plan on completing all outstanding work and to the same high standards as always.

Goals for August

With that said, here is what I plan on doing this month:

Videos: At least one to two videos a day. I'd like to end the month with about 40 new videos. Its a tough number but I want to take this very seriously.

Articles: I want to start increasing my Adsense income through Infobarrel significantly. I think a goal of ten articles (around 1000 words) is appropriate to begin with. 

Life: Walk the dog and cycle every day. Do some cleaning/dishes/gardening each day. I have been letting this stuff slip. Every single dish in the house is currently dirty. It's pains me because I am usually pretty neat and tidy about my living space.

Collaborative Content: I did an interview with another YouTuber the other day and I would love to do some more collaborative content like that this month. No firm goals but I will keep talking to people to see what arises.

If you would like to share your experiences this month with online earnings then I would love to hear them in the comments below!