June was another big growth month for me on YouTube but InfoBarrel has also snuck up on me with some surprisingly impressive earnings. Everything that has happened this month is further encouraging me to continue with my current strategies, to keep uploading videos every day and to keep writing articles. 

This month something beautiful has happened - I felt like I was really providing other people with value and getting value back in return. This is exactly the way I want to earn my living and I think it's exactly the way online and residual income should work. I love making an income for the value I provide to people I don't even know and it's great to read their comments and messages of thanks.

So let's cut the fluff and get straight into June's Adsense earnings reports!


In May I submitted only enough articles to earn a bonus of 1% (featured article submission). This means instead of the possible 90% Adsense share I was only getting 76%. Despite this I had a really impressive month of earnings from my InfoBarrel content.

InfoBarrel Adsense Earnings - $8.91

Up from earnings of $7.28 in May with almost no bonus revenue share. Color me impressed on this one. 

I am also starting to really notice trends in certain pieces of content, I am seeing consistent earners and I can start to pick out why each piece is earning. This gives me great direction to build future content that will do the same.


If you have been following my progress then you may have known that much of June's focus for me was on producing and optimizing YouTube content. In May I earned just under $55 on YouTube through Adsense and I managed to get a fair idea of what I needed to do to be successful. 

June YouTube Adsense Earnings Report

**View on YouTube or fullscreen for the best results**

YouTube Adsense Earnings for June - $185.89

I uploaded 25 monetized videos (one could not be monetized), I attracted just over 70,000 views and I gained 150 new subscribers to my channel ZiggyDStarcraft.

It's worth mentioning to people that are considering becoming YouTubers that of 70,000 views, only a portion of these are 'monetized views'. I don't think I can give exact figures on this type of thing but let's say 50-60% of all views are monetizable. If you care for a bit of math you can probably draw your own conclusions about how much you can earn per thousand views.

As you can see I had some pretty great growth this month, over three times May's earnings! A lot of this growth was tied to the release and popularity of Diablo 3, which I made a lot of timely content for. The highest earners were guides and discussions of hot topics, especially surrounding the Real Money Auction House. I don't expect to continue getting such growth as a result of this, Diablo 3 is starting quiet down (although there is still a lot of views to be had for good content).

Goals and Strategies for Next Month

So what do you do when things start to snowball? Well, as my dad recently said: "When things start to snowball you just have to run with the momentum". Sound advice in my opinion and that's basically my plan. I have a pretty full month planned let's take a look at each part of my plans.

A Lot of Freelance Writing Work

I have been getting a lot of requests for writing work from people finding me through InfoBarrel. A few of my regular clients are doing very well with their strategies so they are placing more orders too. This looks to be about five hours a day of solid writing, six days a week. It's a lot to take on and it's going to severely eat into my time but making a good chunk of money now to cover bills, a little bit of credit card debt and to have some reinvestment cash could be very helpful. I'm pretty full up now though, so if you are looking for an author this month you might want to check out the forums instead!

A Video a Day (At Least)

I plan on keeping a minimum output of at least one video per day. The challenge to this is that some days are simply a write off due to other reasons and I just don't have time to record. There is a way around this, however, and it simply involves recording as much as I can when I can. Then I can schedule the uploads to YouTube for a later date when i don't have time. I think it is also a good idea to have some content on the back-burner that isn't too time sensitive. With both of these strategies I should always have something to post - consistency being a huge key in early YouTube success.

Interlinking YouTube Success Guides

I have been planning to make some sort of "YouTube Success Guide" that goes into what I have learned so far and what ahs worked for me. I played around with the idea of an ebook for a while but why not keep things about YouTube on YouTube? This also means that all the guides will be free, with an ebook I would have to charge a few dollars to recoup my investment. The strategy for this is going to be to release a regular series of videos with each one detailing one aspect of earning an income on YouTube. In the beginning they will be about getting started and then, over time, they will shift to more strategic guides and discussions. This way someone could effectively follow the series as they go through the stages of their own YouTube career. Then, if they have some success, they can share their own tips back with me! (not compulsory).

So here is where the interlinking comes in: I will be writing articles to back up the guides, going into more depth in some areas and providing more background information. Also, I find some people like to have something 'meaty' to read while they watch the video and there is only so much you can do with on-screen text. I will be writing more general-audience-tailored articles here on InfoBarrel, then I will be writing more gamer-tailored articles over on Real Life Highscore.

So the final interlinking result will be a "V" of content with the YouTube video being the southern apex. Most traffic will flow from either set of articles to the videos, though I will see some traffic head back to the blogs from YouTube itself (links in the descriptions can achieve this).

Look DownLook DownThat's it for June's report! Are you trialling your own YouTube strategy? I'd love to discuss strategy or anything else from this report in the comments below!