At the start of March I piled a lot of goals on to my plate. I wanted to get an article written on Infobarrel every day of the month, launch a new website, collaborate on some new projects, get settled into my new house and start freelance writing. Needless to say I may have had aspirations larger than my abilities this time. Although I am very happy with what I did get done, I didn't end up getting close to what I wanted done by the end of the month.

In professional Starcraft 2 players train up to eight hours a day to be able to compete effectively at the highest levels. This is probably true for any sport but it's particularly relevant as an anecdote here as on the surface it appears like it would be pretty easy to 'just play games' for eight hours. However, when you start trying to practice for eight hours a day you quickly realize the amount of energy and focus needed to be able to effectively work for that long each day.

I made the same mistake with writing and my online projects in March. I thought it would be easy to write an Infobarrel article, 2-4 freelance articles and an article for my two personal sites. Well just like with Starcraft 2 it's not as simple as just sitting down and doing it, it takes a lot of practice to simply get to the point where you can do that much work without destroying yourself.

Wrapping up March 2012

I'm pretty happy with the content I did manage to get done for IB this past month. I feel that my quality and ability to quickly write good content is increasing the more I write, and this is a good sign. However, I fell behind on one of the most important tasks output-wise: I didn't get enough points to get full Adsense revenue share. I ended up with 27 total which is only three points shy of the 10% bonus. It's not going to make a huge difference to my earnings but it is a personal let-down as my bare minimum should always be 30 (possibly with the 5% bonus for submitting featured articles).

This failure in March is going to factor into my goal setting for the upcoming month. I will be aiming to not make the same mistake again.

InfoBarrel Earnings

Adsense - $9.65 (almost doubled from February).

I am very happy with my Adsense growth this month, especially because I added only a small amount of new content through March. This means that my older articles are maturing and starting to make me more and more money. I'd like to keep up this rate of growth every month.

Amazon - $1.40 

Amazon slumped a lot from it's high of $16.99 last month but I'm not too worried about this because the same Amazon articles are starting to make money through Adsense. This means I can write Amazon targetted content and still have it make Adsense income if it doesn't make any actual sales.

I may continue writing Amazon-focused articles but they aren't particularly fun to do. For now I may just integrate some Amazon links into normal articles and take a break from intensly Amazon optimized articles until I get my motivation back.

Other Earnings

I made a big step into freelance last month signing up for a freelance writing site that fellow IB'er Dreamaker recommended. Earnings there have been slow to start but good. The work is hard but I am learning quickly. It's even been quite fun on a few of the articles I have written. Some of them were even about gaming!

Freelance Writing - $34.46 (about seven 300-400 word articles)

Freelance Writing(93654)Credit:

Pictured Above: My first few freelance writing jobs and their pays. Bonuses are from fast deliveries, extra title writing and urgent articles.

Other News 

I managed to get my new website around 80% of the way towards its launch. I just need to get some banner art made up (if you are handy with design send me a message, it's unpaid by I will feature credit on the site), a small amount of content written and social media pages/profiles ready. Hopefully I can get that done for it's official launch sometime over the next week or two.

I have also been co-authoring a project that is translating Sun Tzu's The Art of War to Starcraft 2. This is has been a ton of fun and it's really exciting to be getting even more involved in producing esports content. I will continue working on this over the March until it's done.

Goals for April

I'm going to try to be a lot more realistic in my goal setting for this month so that I can get more done instead of stressing about everything that I wont finish. So here are my goals for this next month:

  • At least 30 points worth of InfoBarrel content.
  • Submit all five featured articles to max out my revenue share.
  • Get RLHighscore officially launched.
  • Produce three major Starcraft 2 articles.
  • Grow my freelance income each week. That is, I want to earn more each week than the last until I hit some sort of earnings potential ceiling.
Overall this has been a fun, stressful and growth-fuelled month for my online work. I hope I can take this momentum and learn to control it over April so I can come back with an absolutely stunning report next month!

Look DownLook DownWhat are your goals for this upcoming month? Let me know in the comments below and maybe we can help keep each other motivated!