May has been a huge month for me on InfoBarrel and YouTube in terms of Adsense earnings and freelance writing gigs. I have seen massive and inspiring growth in places where I didn't expect and it seems like the care and effort I put into all of my work is really starting to turn heads. This is awesome because the exact reason why I am self-employed is because I don't like changing my values for other people. So to have my work recognized for being high-quality means that I can continue focusing on quality instead of doing what seems common in the freelance writing industry and just turning out mass-spun content.

Well, without further ado let's start off with the most exciting part for this month!

YouTube Monetization

A little while ago I wrote on the forums that YouTube had just started offering monetization to anyone who had a Adsense account. I was pretty interested because it presented an opportunity to make a few cents playing and commentating on video games. Well, I was write about the second part but not quite right about the 'few cents' part.

Adsense Earnings Through YouTube - $54.62 +

I say plus because there is still a day left in the month and I seem to be getting between $3 and $5 a day so this should jump up a little more. 

Compared to the growth I have been seeing in written content this is a HUGE jump up. In fact, at my current rate I should earn around $150 in revenue next month. And that is assuming I don't see any more growth, which is unlikely because I plan on uploading a video every day next month - at least.

You may be wondering how many videos I uploaded and how much work I put into this to jump up from $0 to $50 in one month. I have 22 monetized videos on my YouTube channel ZiggyDStarcraft and the average length of my videos is somewhere around 10-15 minutes. In terms of effort, it takes about another 10-15 minutes to edit and write out the descriptions and titles for each video I upload.

All in all, it's not that much effort once you know what you are doing. There was a fair bit to learn regarding copyright rules first, however, and that was one of the most time consuming parts.

I am considering writing up a guide for earning through YouTube, maybe it could be the topic for my first ebook (or at least a series of articles). Let me know if you are interested in this in the comments below.

By far the best thing about all of this is that all of my videos have been about video games. Indeed, I am making money playing video games, which I would be doing anyway because I love it.

This sits very well with me.

[Update] I adjusted the figures to match my end of the month earnings and I also decided to experiment with a giveaway on my channel. I'm going to see how giving away a copy of an indie game works out in terms of views and subscribers. I think I can almost make back the costs of the game on the Adsense revenue from the video alone if it gets enough views. I'll report my findings in my next earnings report or in my guides late next month.

Let's Play Some Diablo 3 on Hardcore Mode


I had an interesting month on InfoBarrel in terms of networking. I am finding more and more that this is the biggest benefit of InfoBarrel for me and it goes to show that you aren't just here to make money through Adsense. If you are not talking to people and reading their content then you are not using all that is on offer here at IB. Probably 9 out of 10 of my freelance gigs have come through InfoBarrel too, so it has the potential to be a great source for work opportunities.

Adsense Earnings Through InfoBarrel - $7.28

Amazon Earnings Through InfoBarrel - $0.48

Chitika Earnings Through infoBarrel - $0.89

My IB earnings seem to be holding very steady which I am happy with considering I missed out on the full revenue share bonus last month and because my article posting has been pretty sporadic.

Amazon has slowed down considerably but is till pulling in the occasional sale. I should note that I received my first Amazon payment too, which is now sitting in my gift card balance waiting for me to buy a keyboard.

In other news, Chitika is starting to do something. All I have to say on that is "neat"!

I think that while YouTube has more potential for burst earnings, IB has the best long-term consistent earnings. As such I will continue to post a few articles here a month, hopefully enough to max out my revenue share each month (though I will be struggling this month).

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has been my biggest point of growth this month. I will no longer be sharing the exact amount I am earning through writing gigs as I feel that this might breach my clients confidentiality, suffice to say that it is enough for me to live off while still having time to work on my own projects.

The biggest thing about this is that people are referring their friends to me and people are seeing the work I am doing for others and taking the time to ask me about my services. I love this! This sort of thing is what makes this community so great to be a part of.

If you are trying to break into freelance writing then there are three things you should be doing: writing your own high quality content, networking with people here on InfoBarrel, and, putting a lot of effort into the jobs you do get. This way you will make a name for yourself as a quality writer, you will find out who needs work done, and you will encourage recommendations from your clients.

Goals for June

I didn't do too badly with my goals for last month, the only one I really fell apart on was my minimum InfoBarrel posts. I estimate that I will only be getting to 22 points this month but that is okay as I made significant steps forward in other areas.

My goals for June are pretty much an extension of last months goals but adjusted to reflect the outstanding performance on YouTube. So here they are:

  • 31 Points on InfoBarrel and Some Featured Posts - I said 30 points last month but the minimum to get full revenue share is actually 31 points. I want to keep slowly growing this long term income stream while focusing on other projects.
  • Maintain Enough Freelance Work to Pay for Essentials - Rent, food and bills are all going to be covered by freelance work. So far It's looking pretty good for this, based on my current communications with clients. Please feel free to send me a PM if you need any writing done next month and I'll let you know what i can do for you.
  • A YouTube Video Every Day and at Least $150 in YT Adsense - I want to put out at least one video every day to keep growing my channel and my subscriptions. At my current rate I should be able to make $150 at a minimum. $200+ would be great and I don't think it is unattainable.
  • Keep up 1-2 Posts on RLHighscore Each Week - RLHighscore is starting to make a little bit of revenue and is supporting my YouTube channel so I want to keep posting here fairly regularly.

Look DownLook DownIt's been an exciting month but more exciting is what next month holds. A full month to push YouTube and I will know if it is for me. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment below!