This product is great for painting over cabinets, furniture and for covering dark colors.


When it says "high adhesion" it really means it! So, make sure and cover your work area well, including yourself!

Best Primer Ever!

Rust-Oleum 2004 Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer, 1 Quart, 946 ml, White
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(price as of Sep 16, 2018)

Full Review

 This is the best tool you can have if you are trying to cover a previous finish. It just seems to seal in the old finish and allows a new smooth finish. I personally love this product, and totally recommend it for anywhere you have a previous finish.

This works great on kitchen cabinets, countertops, and especially furniture. Although it does not require sanding, I have found if the previous surface is really shiny then I do a quick scuff sand, and if there are any waxes on the surface you need to clean them off with a good degreaser or fantastic type thing.

Here is a review off the can:

"Whole-house/Full surface, water based interior/exterior primer. Bonds to slick, hard-to-paint surfaces-glossy paint, tile and glass, etc. without sanding. Seals all porous surfaces. Fast-dry- can be top coated in 1 hour with any topcoat. Soap and water cleanup, virtually no odor. Use under most topcoats, oil or latex paints."

This now comes in water based, which makes for a easy cleanup, and you can use it inside or outside, and it is very HIGH ADHESION. This is the best part for me, as once dried it sticks to most surfaces, even glass.

It is not necessary to use this type of primer on bare drywall or new wood unless you need to seal in wood knots. In these cases, a regular oil based primer would be best. But for any project that already has a finished surface, then this Primer is the product you need.

I do a lot of recycling of old furniture and frames, and I swear by this product. I have taken thrift store furniture and after a good cleaning, and removing the hardware I use this product, and let it dry for an hour and then top coat with any color or type of paint I want. If you want to paint furniture or cabinets, and are unsure of whether the present paint is oil or latex, then use this primer and it won't matter which type of paint you use.

This will seal the previous surface so that you can use what ever you want.

Another example of how good this is, is when I needed to cover my faux painted vines that were on my wall and ceilings.

These were dark green acrylic painted leaves and brown vines on a white ceiling and pale yellow wall. I knew a regular primer would not cover this, and it would bleed through. One coat of Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 primer and it was sealed.

I just painted the vines with it, and then I painted the ceiling with my regular ceiling paint and the walls with my light yellow, and you can not see where these vines and dark green leaves were.

So, if you are doing some renovations, before you pick up a can of regular primer, just think about the jobs you will be doing. If you need to cover ANYTHING unusual or you are thinking of painting the kitchen cabinets, or some coffee tables etc, then skip the regular primer and pick up a can or two of this product.

We used this primer all through a house we were renovating, as we had to paint some vanities, and wood veneered paneling. It also is the best type of primer to use if you are covering very dark paint such as a deep red or navy blue.

It is easy clean up, and you can top coat in one hour, so that your job goes quicker. Give it a try.  You can get this at most local home improvement or paint stores, but you can also get 5 gallon pails online at sites such as Amazon


Rust-Oleum 2004 Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer, 1 Quart, 946 ml, White
Amazon Price: $11.99 $8.61 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 16, 2018)

In Closing

You can save a lot of time with this product. You can take dark green cabinets and with a quick wash, then a coat of this, you could paint the cabinets white one hour later, and you would not see any sign of the dark color.