Bond-Like Indeed

          No one had ever really heard of Zion Eyes before, but they are about to make a serious splash with their Eyez 720p HD video camera glasses. Before writing this off as a useless and novel gadget, think about the possibilities of wearing a HD camera on your face in a form that literally looks no different than a slick pair of trendy (prescription-ready!) shades.



            They are rolling out their latest gadget soon and they hope it will totally revolutionize our level of video sharing people participate in on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Sure there are other wearable HD cameras, such as the GoPro, or the Contour HD- but none of them are this discrete, portable, and stylish. This promises to be the absolute pinnacle of personal video capture and sharing, featuring a 720p HD video camera that is almost invisibly tucked away within a pair of stylish sunglasses that were designed specifically to record and broadcast live video data anytime and anywhere.

            Imagine the possibilities! These cameras can be bought on all sots of trips, and worn while hiking, biking, or any other activity where memories are special and the views are awesome. One could even go James Bond with them for some seriously awesome prank footage. Everyone has at some point dreamed of camera glasses, and the dream is now reality. These are not bulky like previous versions, which were too stupid looking and obvious to be functional, in fact, most people would never even know you were filming, which brings an end to the awkward “I’m being filmed” behavior that ruins the natural feel of many otherwise great clips.

          The Eyez camera glasses have an on-board 8 megabyte storage capacity, which can be downloaded and transferred over to a laptop or desktop computer via microUSB or Bluetooth. We would highly recommend that you settle for the USB when downloading to a computer, since it is faster than Bluetooth, and does not drain battery life while performing the transfer. The Bluetooth feature is still awesome however, since you will be able to wirelessly transfer video to Iphone and Android devices.

              The Eyez camera glasses turn your head into a film crew, and with them you never need forget the more epic moments of your life. Now a days, words aren’t enough, and if it’s not on film, it didn’t happen. Don’t let cool moments slip away, when they can be recorded from your shades. The Eyez can be ordered at a special rate of $150 until July 31st this year, where the price will hit its usual $199.