Zion's National Park is in the southern Utah town of Springdale. According to the National Park service it was the first national park in the state. You could go on a vacation, field trip, hiking adventure or even do a little bit of Mountain Climbing. Here is a little bit of advice on how to make your trip to this park more enjoyable.

The peak tourist months are in the spring and summer. Ironically this is also the same time that the temperatures really spike. It all just matters on what kind of experience you want. If you want to get in touch with nature then maybe try going in a different season. At the same time you might find that you save money this way. Some of the hotels and bed & breakfasts offer cheaper rates during the off peak seasons.

Consider buying a park pass. This can be good for a year or longer depending on your age. If you spend a little bit more money you can get a pass that's good for all national parks. If you just want to visit Zion often then this can really save you a lot of money even if you just get a park pass that is good for just Zion's if you are on a budget.

Be prepared to ditch your car. This is mandatory depending on where you are going in the park. During certain months you wont' be able to drive your car in certain areas where all of the popular hikes are unless you are staying at the Zion's Lodge and have a special permit. This is so you don't have to take your luggage with you.

There are a lot of different options for cuisine at Zion's. Places may close a lot earlier then you are used to or van open later. You just have to carefully plan out things. There are also a lot of different vegetarian options. Be prepared to pay a little bit more. Try to buy all of your necessities before you go into town if you are trying to save money because you'll pay dearly for them once you arrive. There are different restaurants for all kinds of taste. There really aren't any of the major fast food chains like McDonalds or Subway. Instead you'll find different sandwich shops, smoothie stores, pizza and pasta restaurants, and lots of down home style cooking.

Use the shuttle system wisely. There are two separate shuttles. One that runs through Springdale and another one that goes up through the park. These run form early morning until night. The best part is that it's free so you can help conserve gas and save money at the same time. All of the shuttles make the same stop and run a few minutes apart depending on how busy the park is. This means that you don't have to run after a bus or get upset if one doesn't stop for you. At the same time if you are biking in Zion is aware that buses can't pass you unless you pull to the side of the road and come to a complete stop.