Zip-lining in Whistler

Skyline Eco-Adventures

Located on Cougar Mountain in Whistler BC, Skyline Eco-Adventures is a suspended tour using cable lines to travel through old-growth forests. There are five skylines, with one running over 1500 feet, 200 feet above the ground and with a200 foot drop. The Skyline ziplines are branched through a series of suspension bridges. IT is perfectly safe and you do not need any experience and it runs year long during all weather conditions. The harnesses are lightweight, comfortable and very safe, offering a lot of flexibility for the rider. The Skyline uses dual cable construction, this allows for two people to ride simultaneously. Skyline also offers self-breaking through the use of rotary magnetic brakes. This reduces interference of the ride by zip-line operators and allows Skyline to be open all year round in any weather condition.

Zip Trek Eco-Tours

Ziptrek Eco-tours is the first and original zip-line eco-tour in North America. They have an award-winning environmental program and the highest, longest, and most zip lines in the country. Zip Trek offers an combo of learning and adventure. Ziptrek eco-tour consists of 33 acres of beautiful terrain with it primarily in the ancient rainforest that borders Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains and over the Fitzsimmons Creek. The location is just minutes away from Whistler Village, so visitors or residents of whistler real estate are provided easy and convenient accessibility to zip lines. Ziptrek tours also runs all in all weather conditions.

Learn about Nature

Another great feature of zip-Trek and Skyline other than the thrill is to learn about the beautiful natural environment of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. The whole zip-line course is constructed in an undeveloped area, with the platforms and zip lines suspended high above the old-growth forest floor. Zip-lines are a unique chance to visit an ancient coastal rainforest without trampling or driving through its terrain. These zip-line tours promote environmental awareness through informational signs and from the tour guides themselves.

Clothing Tips

Both of these zip-line companies provide all visitors with the correct equipment for the adventure, such as the pulley system, harnesses, and climbing helmets. It's recommended to dress in the same garb you would for a regular day of skiing or hiking (depending on the season). Make sure to wear sturdy footwear for rough terrain. Also make sure to dress for the weather too of course.

While it sounds quite intimidating, keep in mind that it is very safe. Beating this fear will be an amazing experience you'll never forget and one you'll want to share with your friends and family. If you are lucky enough to own Whistler property or are just visiting, make sure to make reservations in the summer months, when zip-lining is at its busiest.