ZipList Grocery List AppCredit: ziplist.comZipList is one of the best shopping grocery list apps around, it is my personal favorite, and by that I mean I actually use it for my grocery lists.  Best of all ZipList is completely free, and despite its price tag ZipList has a comprehensive set of powerful tools for the shopper in serious need of time savings and organization of their grocery lists. 


Grocery Lists

ZipList works how life works.  We don’t think about food and the meals we eat in our lives as ingredients, we think of them as recipes.  Ziplist enables you to manage your grocery lists in this way as well allowing you to add entire recipes and their individual ingredients to your shopping list with one click.

Items can also be added to the list individually, ZipList also makes adding items easier by the auto-complete of item names as you type.  ZipList sorts all items added to the grocery list into departments, so you only have to take one trip through each department;  no more zigzagging around stores.

Customize List by Store

We all have our own way of shopping, some of us hit up multiple stores to get our shopping done, while other are one stop shopping kind of people.  Rather than trying to force us to conform to how they think we should shop ZipList empowers users to shop for groceries however they wish.  As with many other grocery list apps ZipList allows users to create multiple grocery list, each for an individual store.  What really makes ZipList stand out is the store feature which allows you to select the store at which you will be doing your shopping.  ZipList will then order you grocery list so that departments are order in the most efficient order so you can get in and get out as quickly as possible.  Of course the app also allows for personalization of shopping order so that you can shop however you want.  So if you’re a dairy then produce, or a produce then dairy kind of person you shipping list will appear in whatever order best suits you and how you shop.

ZipList Grocery List iPhone AppCredit: ziplist.comApps and Syncing

ZipList has a web app at, and has apps both Android and iPhone mobile operating systems.  The mobile apps have almost the same functionality as the web app, with the added feature of utilizing a barcode scanner.   

ZipList supports one of my all-time favorite platforms too, paper!  All grocery lists are printable for those who get tired of having to wake up their phone every time they check an item off their list, or look to see what’s next.  Using a sheet of paper might make you a millionth responsible for the death of a tree, but for me it cuts down on frustration, and shortens my amount of time in the grocery store; two things I just can’t resist.

ZipList includes the an essential grocery list app feature for a family on the run allowing users to sync specific lists from their accounts with other users.  This is a fantastic feature which takes ZipList’s usability beyond a simple personal grocery list app.  A  person can add to a family grocery list while at the same time have a list with co-works for office supplies they need to pick up, and also be contributing to a grocery list with extended family, planning for the next holiday family gathering.


As mentioned above ZipList includes a recipes feature which allows a user to add an entire recipe, and all of its ingredients to their grocery list in one click.  ZipList takes it one step further;  the site has a database of over 300,000 recipe ripe for the cooking.  ZipList also provides a convenient webclipper that allows you to collect recipes from your favorite recipe sites, and easily add them to your ZipList account without you having to manually add each ingredient to your grocery list.

QR Barcode Scanning

Every shopping app worth using has a built-in QR scanner, and ZipList is no different.  It sports a QR scanner so you're sure to add the exact right items to you list every time.  Beyond this however ZipList now includes a function that allows users to add and share their own recipes with QR barcodes, making recipes sharing easier than trying to keep track of emailed recipes in your inbox.

Additional Features

ZipList rounds out its features list with checklists and coupons.  Checklists can either be user-created or are ready-made list that users can user for specific event.  For instance you can have a couple of special events checklist for camping and your book club.  So instead of having to create a new grocery list each time one of these events rolls around you can just pull up your camping checklist of camp stove cookables or your checklist of wine and finger food.  There are coupons from big and small brands for everyday items to help you save a little on the necessities.

My Verdict

ZipList is by far my favorite grocery list app now, which is saying a lot, since up until now I have favored the ever reliable pen and paper app.  ZipList has a good-looking interface both online with their web app, and on both android and iPhone mobile platforms.  The app is neither overly complicated or frustratingly minimal.  It has a full feature set with an eye to detail with the focus of providing users with an intuitive experience.  ZipList has succeeded in making a useful app which makes the process of creating a grocery list easier rather than more tedious and frustrating, as many other grocery list apps tend to do.

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