The most important thing about owning the Thomas and Friends Zip Zoom Logging Adventure train track is to make sure you hang onto the Zip Zoom Logging Adventure instructions.  It is a big track, and while you think you may be able to remember how you set it up originally, it probably will not be as simple the next time if you do not have the assembly directions.

I am going to do my best to explain in writing how to set up the track so that it fits the way it was intended.  I will take it in three steps.

  1. The loop that begins and ends at the log mill.
  2. The loop that includes the zip line.  It starts at the switch from the log mill loop and continues until it meets up again at another switch on the mill loop.
  3. The track risers.

All of the pieces - tracks and track risers - are labeled with a number on the bottom.  I will list the pieces in order according to the labels.

Also, as I describe the track I am imagining the log mill in the front, on the right.

My Experience With Thomas the Tank Engine - Zip Zoom Logging

The Log Mill Loop

First of all, the pieces to which the mill attaches are 6 and 7.  So beginning with piece 6 and going clockwise, the order of pieces is:

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The mill should be firmly snapped into place in order to make it work.

The mill loop goes over the zip line loop between pieces 10 and 11, and it goes under the zip line loop between pieces 11 and 12, where it snaps into the tree trunk's side piece.

The Zip Line Loop

The zip line is the most exciting feature of this train track.  At piece 4 of the log mill loop there is a switch that can make Thomas the Train go across the line.  In order to put together the line tracks, assemble them in this order, starting with piece 4:

18, zip line, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13

Piece 13 then attaches to piece 2 from the mill loop.  The line loop goes under the mill loop after the line, and it goes over the log mill loop at piece 14.

Now you should have the track pieces assembled.  However, it will not work since the track risers are not assembled.

Track Risers

There are three different types of risers on the Zip Zoom Logging Adventure Thomas the Tank Engine train track. 

  • L2 - the lowest track riser
  • L4 - the middle track riser
  • L5 - the highest track riser

The risers go between two track pieces, where the track pieces connect.  They go in the following places:

  • L2 - between 8/9, 13/2, 17/16, 1/2
  • L4 - between 9/10, 3/4, 4/5, 4/18, 16/15, 14/13
  • L5 - between 10/11, 2/3

Other Pieces of the Zip Zoom Logging Adventure

  • Hollow tree - Thomas chugs through an open tree on the zip line loop.  Pieces 15 and 14 connect in the tree.
  • Zip Line Track Riser - The large line track riser connects with piece 18 where the beginning of the zip line hangs.
  • Zip Line Ending Point - The end of the line attaches to piece 17, and the end of the line hangs from it.

Simplified Setup of the Zip Zoom Logging Adventure

If you do not want to set up the large and complex version of this Thomas the Tank Engine battery powered train track, there is a simplified version.  Again, starting with pieces 6 and 7, where the mill attaches, the order of the pieces go as such:

6, 7, 2, 3, 5, 14, 1, 16, 15, 18, zip line, 17

One L2 riser goes between pieces 1 and 16.  Two L4 risers are used.  One goes between pieces 16 and 15, and the other goes between pieces 15 and 18. 

Again, the large zip line riser goes at the end of piece 18. 

This version of the track is smaller, but it still allows the Thomas fan to play with a working log mill and the line.  However, this version does not take up as much space as the big version and is easier to assemble.

Other Thomas the Tank Engine Electric Train Tracks

I believe these are complete instructions for this enjoyable Thomas the Train toy.  Hopefully I have described all of the directions.  This track is not the easiest track to assemble, but there are others available, such as the Sir Topham Hatt Figure-8 track, and Thomas's Busy Day.  These tracks are smaller and geared towards younger kids.  But they are much easier to assemble.

Hopefully you can get this track back together with these Zip Zoom Logging Adventure instructions.

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