My family recently visited Stowe, Vermont on a summer vacation.  We had an entire list of thing that we wanted to do.  We did most of them and hands down our favorite was zip lining.  There is nothing like flying through the trees in Vermont.

We found zip lining on the web when we were researching what to do on our vacation.  We decided to go with ArborTrek Canopy Adventures located in Jeffersonville, VT about 30 minutes from downtown Stowe.  It is not hard to find or hard to get to.  The drive is through a mountain pass which is an adventure in itself, but very beautiful.  You will see lots of hikers heading out on the trails as you drive through.  The entrance to the facility is marked with their sign which makes it pretty hard to miss.

When you arrive, the first thing you do is check-in.  I would recommend that you make reservations as it was pretty busy when we got there.  During check-in you will fill out a form and will get weighed.  Don't worry, only the person at the check-in desk can see the results.  Then you wait until your time slot is called and you move onto getting your equipment.

The equipment for zip lining is pretty simple.  You have a harness to connect yourself to the zip line, a pair of leather gloves, and a helmet.  The very helpful staff ensures that you have the right size equipment and that it is worn correctly.  Once you have your equipment you move onto the training zip line.

To get you started, you start out on a training zip line which is about 100 feet long.  The two guides assigned to your tour will show everyone how to use the zip line, slow down before reaching your destination, and what to do if you stop before reaching your destination.  Everyone on your tour does a training run and then you move onto the real zip lines, which is where the fun starts.

To begin your adventure you will be transported by van to the top of the zip lining area.  You launch from platforms attached to trees and arrive at other platforms.  The beginning zip lines are shorter so you can get used to it but increase in length as you go.  The longest run is over 1,000 feet with a total of over 4,500 feet of zip lining spread out over 8 lines.  There are also several rope bridges to cross and even some rappelling from one platform to another. 

The total tour takes 2 - 3 hours and is a total blast.  There is nothing like zipping through the trees.  Our guides were great and we felt very safe with them.  This was not only a zip lining tour but a nature tour.  They covered all kinds of nature related topics as we moved through the course.  They were great at explaining what was coming so there were no surprises.  If you had any questions, they had the answers. 

It was interesting to see the mix of people who were with us; there were young kids, a couple in their 60's, young adults, and middle aged couples.  This in itself made it fun as you had a very diverse group of people.  No one in our group had any issues with going through the course.

If you are visiting the Stowe, Vermont area, I highly recommend zip lining with ArborTrek.  They are open year round so you can even do it in the snow.  We had a great experience and I'm sure you will too.

Map of ArborTrek, Jeffersonville, VT

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