Zipper wallets for men are slowly becoming fashionable. Manufacturers have changed their style to look more masculine, and the zipper itself has become more reliable. These wallets can store bulkier items like check books, keys and coins, apart from bills and credit cards. They also sport a more rugged and unique look. To date, their top manufacturers include: Osgoode Marley, Montblanc, and Bonia 8CC. Good looks, functionality and durability are the main features to spot.

Zipper wallets have not always been favored by men. Early mens wallets looked feminine, and their zippers did not slide easily. However, some changes have afforded a more masculine appeal. The material was changed from nylon to metal (typically aluminium), and its teeth were modified to slide better. The wallets were also made to look squarer, such as those by Montblanc and Bonia 8CC. In some wallets, the zipper is also hidden from view, such as those by Louis Vuitton.

Wallet shapes vary, from square, slightly rounded or rectangular. Color choices may be brown, black or beige. Inside compartments may also vary, from key rings, side pockets, check book pockets, and coin pockets, in addition to credit card slots and the bills compartment. Even the material and texture may vary, from cashmere to leather.

But regardless of design, there are distinct advantages of zipper wallets. For one, they can secure their contents inside, thus items like coins and keys may be stored without fear of spillage. Loose, important items like receipts may also be secured. Second, these mens wallets can also store bulky items, such as check books and pens, with some big enough to hold a small phone, such as those by Osgoode Marley.

For a man choosing this type of wallet, opt for a good-looking design. The last thing you want is for your wallet to look like a woman's purse. However, one should consider its purpose as well. Zippered wallets can be bulky, and may not be as comfortable in the pocket. One should also examine its zipper - fumbling with it when paying can be a little embarrassing.

Chosen properly however, a zipper wallet can give that added bit of function, but at the same time, retain that masculine image that every man strives for.