Remove zits fast. That is easier said than done. I will show you some fast and easy ways to get rid of zits. These skin blemishes are never fun to deal with, by using the proper and effective techniques, you won't have to deal with them for long.

Things You Will Need

Toothpaste, zit cream, steam.

Step 1

A surprising thing that gets rid of zits is toothpaste. Most people don't believe me when I tell them, but it does work. Next time you have a zit and don't have zit cream, grab some toothpaste. The stronger the toothpaste, the better it will be. Take a small amount of toothpaste and massage it onto the zit. Be sure to spread a little of the toothpaste to the surrounding areas too. The best time to do this is at night so you won't get weird looks form people because you have toothpaste on your cheek. This is not the only way to deal with zits, just a fast way if you don't have the zit removal products.

Step 2

There are a few products out there designed to take care of zits. Zit creams are an effective way to take care of zits when you see them forming. They are best used in conjunction with face wash. After you cleanse your face, add the it cream to the designated area. This will help prevent future zits as well as take care of the one you already have.

Step 3

Cleaning your pores is essential if you want to get rid of zits. Run warm water and drape a towel over your head. Then put your face over the small amount of steam. The towel will help concentrate the steam onto your face. This will cause the pores to relax and open up. After they are relaxed, cleanse with a face wash. Follow up with zit cream and that zit will be gone fast.
Keeping up with a regular cleaning regimen will help a lot in preventing zits. A daily face wash is a great way to take care of your skin. The zit cream (or toothpaste) should only be used on zits and not on your entire face. Taking some vitamins and staying hydrated will also help in preventing zits. Vitamin E as well as fish oil will help prevent future zits. Zit removal is a hassle and the best way to deal with zits, is to get rid of them before they grow. By cleaning the area and applying the proper products, you will contain the zit and limit or stop its growth all together.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to do your research on finding the proper face cleanser and zit cream. Not everyone's face is the same, some people may have more sensitive skin that requires special creams. If you have any serious questions, consult a dermatologist.