Most people have had the experience of standing in front of the mirror, looking their faces over closely, and finding embarrassing zits and blemishes. These imperfections always seem to pop up right before a big occasion. Thankfully, there are several home remedies for zit removal that can help rid of blemishes and prevent embarrassment.

Some home remedies for zit removal are quite convenient. The treatments are easy to make and most of the ingredients are readily available. A quick and easy home remedy could really save the day. Many of these techniques are passed down through the generations by word of mouth. When you hear about a remedy from a parent or friend, you are more likely to believe that it will work because they are testifying that it worked for them. Asking around your family or friend network could provide some proven tips for ridding of unwanted blemishes.

One such tip is to use potassium iodine on a zit once it has popped. This substance usually makes the blemish completely disappear within 48 hours. This home remedy is simple and relatively fast and does not sound very strange. Other techniques could work as well, but they may sound a bit more off the wall.

Some people say that if you tape a slice of potato over the zit and let it sit overnight, it could reduce the inflammation of the area and the redness may disappear. Another option is to soak a cotton ball in warm water and hold it over the pimple. This should remove the white head and prevent scarring. If you have ground nutmeg available, mix it with milk to remove the pimples. You could also rub fresh garlic on pimples and areas surrounding the blemishes. There are many tips that might sound bizarre, but might just be worth trying.

Many patients that suffer from acne problems have daily rituals that they say helps them get rid of blemishes. Some wash their faces with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or aloe vera. There are many different strategies one can take to fight blemishes. Whatever technique you use, or combination of techniques, be sure not to neglect the basic skin care regimens. The best way to move zit removal along is to keep your face clean at all times. Be sure to avoid cosmetics and products that have ingredients that can be harsh on the skin. Never pick at a zit or pop a blemish as this can often lead to scarring. If you do have scars, there are acne scar treatments available. If you observe these basic skin care tactics, and try a few other techniques, with any luck, zit removal will occur quickly.