Zodiac Signs: The Aries.

Aries is the starting Sign of the Zodiac. It represents beginning and the first realization of Self. In addition to the above, because it represents the start of the Astrological year, people born under this zodiac Sign likes to get things started.

They have a tendency of displaying strong leadership, and their overenthusiastic and confident natures let them lead off the new cycle fervently.

They are the pioneers of the Zodiac, tramping bravely into the wilderness. Aries is the Sign of fresh beginnings.

They are vibrant and active, as befits the beginning of the Zodiac.

As the foremost Sign, Aries also rules the 1st House: the House of Self, also known as the House of Personality.

The Sign In Depth

The Astrological Symbol of Aries is the Ram. Like the famous conception of the Ram, Arians are able to achieve many things by absolute energy and power of will: "ramming" their way to the end.

In this way, Aries demonstrates the fundamental Quality assigned to it.

Arians could be dull, and they are daring and strong.

Within the Zodiac, Aries is considered opposite to Libra -the Scales of Balance, so Aries likes to be something about self-esteem and ego rather than the balance between two persons.

They are self-sufficient, and sometimes egotistic, but they are not loners.

The sign Aries is ruled by the Planet Mars. Mars is a ruler of both the signs i.e., Aries and Scorpio; Aries is the male (day) aspect of Mars and Scorpio is the female (night). Both are undoubtedly independent and determined, and have the physical strength to stay their course.

They like to be very competitive, and this is the reason that they sometimes seem domineering, arrogant, or intolerant. But all the above qualities make Aries the natural choice to begin projects and get things started.

The Element linked with Aries is Fire.

Fire Signs are physical: they have a tendency to react to the world through action, rather than emotion, intellect or practicality.

. When offered with a new assignment or idea, their inborn eagerness and need for challenge cause them to jump in right away, leading the way.

One of their great skills is reaching beyond normal restrictions.

Occasionally their inclination for haste and hurry can land them into problem if they don't consider things through carefully enough, and this can lead to annoyance. Often people think they are brash, inconsiderate, and rude.

Arians have a propensity to want what they want and when they want it. Arians need to believe that this isn't possible at all times, and so should stop butting their heads.

In their free time, Arians like to play in the same way as they work at the office. They greatly like athletics, as sports give them an encouraging and healthy passage for some of their natural violence. They welcome both individual challenge, especially aerobics, as well as the group challenge of football and soccer. In love relationships, Aries is very romantic and playful.

Aries rules the face, head, and brain. People born under the Aries sign may be more vulnerable to head aches and nose bleeds when compared to people of other Signs.

Red is the color of Mars and is often linked with war and physical action, so it is usual color for Arians.

The strong point of the Arians is in their courage, initiative, energy and.