Zojirushi is a trusted name in bread makers. This quality manufacturer has durable and outstanding models with many features to make bread in the privacy of home with the tasteful recipes that can be wholesome as well as nutritional.

The BBCC-X20 model makes a light loaf whether a whole grain recipes or a crusty white bread from the beginning to end of the process. The traditionally shaped loafs can be up to two pounds and horizontal shapes.

It units helps to develop the bread with gluten and allows for various dough cycles similar to the oven baked breads. This model also can effectively make crisp pizza dough, light dinner rolls, hamburger buns, hoagie buns, sourdough, cakes, and cinnamon rolls with wonderful texture and taste. The possibilities for creating any dough with this model are endless.

The components of the X20 Zojirushi bread makers are strong and the heaviest duty for the drive system meaning this bread maker is more powerful and durable for even the rough texture of the whole grain breads. Twin paddles provide an outstanding kneading action to allow the dough to rise properly presenting the best texture possible.

The X20 is easy to use since all the ingredients are added directly into the basing where they are properly mixed to the correct consistency. Add the type of bread to be created and allow the machine to do all the work for the delightful creation while you watch the work being performed.

The X20 has an option to open the lid without resetting the cycles and has a full set of programmable cycles as well as the option for custom creations. There is the option to remember the three commonly used recipes and settings to reduce time of programming the Zojirushi bread makers.

The new Zojirushi BB-HAC10 creates a light one-pound loaf that is idea. It uses the options to create quality gluten for the perfect bread loaf. It has cycles for various types of dough include the custom-made pizza crusts, hamburger buns, hoagies, sourdough, cakes, and dinner rolls the same as created using the oven.

Zojirushi bread makers are considered the Home Mini Bakery with advanced pulleys and belts as well as control circuitry using the famous technology used by Zojirushi with all of their famous machines. It is designed with superior kneading action to allow for the perfect conditions of bread rising as well as terrific texture. This model has a pan with dimensions of 4.6" x 5.7" x 4.5".

Zojirushi bread makers take the complications out of creating the perfect homemade dough for consumers. This trusted brand will meet all the needs and expectations without requiring advanced knowledge of machinery.